Certified Coordinated Bride Jillian
Journal Entry # 4
And they lived… #JBeverAfter

Hello Everyone!

We are one week away from Jeremiah and I’s big day.  As you read this, it probably is already our big day and I am somewhere with a bouquet or a glass in my hand!  I am so excited and filled with joy for this moment.  I really have to point out the fact that Jeremiah and I are so excited and feel so loved that our guests found it in their hearts to travel all the way to Costa Rica for the celebration of our marriage.  It’s one thing to say you will be there or want to come, but it’s another thing when your actually make it happen!  We do understand not all of our loved ones were able to make it, but we did let some know…” if we see you on some other vacation somewhere but couldn’t make it to our wedding, it’s a problem.”  LOL Seriously though, we are very grateful.  We will have 72 guests in attendance at the Riu Palace in Costa Rica.

I have to be honest with you, I didn’t feel as much of the stress that I hear most brides do leading up to their big day.  Now sticking to a budget and RSVP did play a small factor, but other than that I have been taking things as they come.  When you are planning a destination wedding, you start off with a million ideas in your head and realize that you can only really do what the location/ hotel you selected are capable of doing.  That didn’t stop me from making a ton of Pinterest boards and gathering little things here and there from Etsy and other sources.  Most of your planning with a destination wedding will be through online boards, emails, brochures, and international phone calls.  If I’m being honest, I didn’t mind any of this at all.  I am more of a laid back bride but knew what I wanted.  It was my hubby Jeremiah who really helped put things into action and make them happen because he knows I’m a last minute person.  (SMH) I can’t help it, I work well under pressure and it’s when I do some of my best work!

All in all, our checklist is done.  Our things we are bringing such as gifts and favors for the guests and bridal party, welcome bag items, and extra décor are all packed and ready.  Once we arrive at the resort, we do a walk through with our wedding coordinator of the locations, food tastings, and finalize the details we previously chose in case we want to change anything.  We have a weekend itinerary lined up that includes a welcome dinner, excursions day, groom/guys and bride/ladies night the night before wedding, a carnival show, and a farewell brunch.

My advice to brides and grooms as well, is to not get caught up in the hype of the wedding planning.  Of course you need to plan, but sit down with your partner and discuss what the two of you want and make that happen.  Wether you want something big or something small; don’t let others tell you how to plan your special day.  We got a lot of  “Why is it a destination wedding?” “Why are you doing it like that?”  “Why aren’t you doing it this way?”  If we listened to everyone’s opinion we could’ve easily been talked into something that wasn’t for US.  So stay positive through the process, stay true to your vision, and love on each other when one of you is getting aggravated just for a reminder of what this whole thing is really about.

I am really looking forward to the weekend as a whole and can’t wait to say our vows to one another and share this moment with our closest friends and family.  “Deep breath in… deep breath out… I now pronounce you husband and wife… and they lived happily ever after!”

Pura Vida! (Pure life- Costa Rica’s popular saying)


Jillian, the new Mrs. 😉

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Photographer: Joshua Dwain