Certified Coordinated Bride Jillian
Journal Entry #2
Save The Dates and Proposals

Hi all!  So from my last journal entry, you know that Jeremiah and I had a lot going on.  Our baby boy is growing so fast and life seems to be going full speed ahead!  So far, we already gave our family and friends the heads up about our destination wedding in Costa Rica.  We’ve sent out the save-the-dates a year in advance for all to make accommodations.  Originally I was going to do the wedding stationary myself being that I have a graphic design background, but I didn’t have the programs I typically use at that time.  I turned to a site called Etsy who believe it or not, my fiancé put me on to.  Between that and Pinterest, I love it for all planning needs.  I knew exactly how I wanted them to look and found a great shop, “Idowithyou” where the shop owner Debbie was so helpful and had just what I was looking for.  She sent me proof after proof right away until I was pleased with the design.  Once they arrived, we made them into magnets for our guests to put up so they wouldn’t get lost or end up in the trash right away.  I love the way they turned out.

Bridesmaid Proposals…

At the time, I was a new stay at home mommy.  Originally, I was going to just send them a card via mail to ask them.  But browsing through Pinterest, I decided to be creative and put something together since bridesmaid proposals seem to be the big hype right now.  I had these clear containers, tissue paper, and ribbon already.  I went and got some items to fit my color scheme from my local drug store… mini moscato bottles, nail polish, Hershey’s golden nuggets, color swatches and confetti balloons.  I saw an idea online to have a balloon filled with confetti and put a note inside to “pop” the question.  I thought it was so cute, so I put it together and gave it to each of them.  I would love to say that everything was just perfect, but guess what you all?  IT DIDN’T WORK LOL!  The girls went to pop their balloons and instead of it bursting with confetti flying everywhere, it basically deflated.  What a dud.  At first, I was a little upset but we all had a good laugh after they stopped poking fun at me.  Needless to say, they got the point and gladly accepted.  Choosing whom I wanted as part of my bridal party was no question for me.  I will give you a short and sweet rundown on each.  So let me introduce my girls, Jasmine, Ebony, Donicia, and Britney.

Jasmine (Jazzy) – Maid of Honor
Jasmine is my one and only little sister.  She is fun, and giggly yet feisty.  When we were younger we got into it all the time (as lots of siblings do).  But once she became older about the time she was in high school, we really began clicking.  We could be in each other’s rooms and talk for hours, plan things to do together, or make store/mall runs just because.  We have the silliest inside jokes and usually know what each other is thinking when something happens.  We are very close and super protective of one another.  She knows more details of what I truly like and dislike when it comes to a lot of things, so who better for my MOH.

Ebony (Paige/Poo) – Bridesmaid
Ebony is my best friend.  She is spicy, sassy, and without trying, hilarious.  Our demeanors are the complete opposite but we have so much in common and have this “twin” sense.  We met as children in church.  I’m not sure what age but I know it was single digits.  Throughout all this time we have remained the best of friends.  She is someone who I can always have an honest conversation with and will tell me like it is no matter what.  She is also someone who I know no matter what or where we end up, we create our own fun just because that’s who we are.  As long as she’s around, I know I will have a good time.

Donicia (Nicia) – Bridesmaid
Donicia is another one of my best and longest friends.  I also met her in church when we were young.  She is whom I call my “road dawg.”  If there is a place you want to go weather it’s around town or out of state, 9 times out of 10… she is down.  She is always down for a good “turn up.”  I can count on her to hear me out and we can rely on one another for advice. Overall, she is just one of those people who is genuinely a nice and good person.

Britney (BRIIITT!!! “That’s how I call her every time, LOL) – Bridesmaid
Britney I knew since I was young, but we met in grade school.  I call Brit my “Mom Friend.”  If my mom didn’t feel like doing my hair for me, Brit would do it.  We used to work together at one point and if my mom couldn’t give me a ride home (before I got my car) Brit would do it.  Although Britney is NOT a mom yet, she will give you that rough motherly advice or help you out just like a mom would.  We see eye to eye on so many things, that’s why I love her.

All of these girls I can count on for a laugh, a cry, excitement, need, or want.  I couldn’t ask for a better bridal squad to stand beside me and can’t wait to share more exciting details leading up to our big day!

Talk to you soon!
Xoxo Jillian

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