Certified Coordinated Bride Jillian
Journal Entry # 1
Love Is In The Air


Bride: Jillian M. Brewster
Groom- Jeremiah E. Brown
Wedding Date: July 07, 2018
Location: Costa Rica

Hi Everyone!  My name is Jillian and I am on my way to marrying my long-time love, Jeremiah.  I was never the type of person who thought about what their dream wedding would be like.  In fact, the thought of marriage used to scare me because I feel like people this day and age rush into it, not taking it serious enough.  So after years of really getting to know one another, watching each other grow through graduation, career transitions, to becoming homeowners… I’m ready!  Jeremiah and I have been together for 8 years and engaged for a little over a year now.  I’m so excited to share this journey with you all!

How We Met
I met Jeremiah in the fall of 2009 at his college, the day of homecoming while I was there with friends.  Now, if he tells this story he will say he had his eye on me that evening during a fire drill, but I first saw him later that night at a party off campus.  He approached me and we danced, we were making jokes and exchanged numbers by the end of the night.  Once we started having an actual conversation I was ready to run for the hills.  I learned he’s three younger than me (which at the time seemed extreme), had two years of school left, and I had just graduated college trying to figure out my life.  It just seemed that we were in two different phases in our lives.  I immediately thought “ugh, this is definitely not going anywhere.”  I let him know right away I was not looking to be in a relationship and he let me know he felt the same way.  Needless to say, he was so persistent with keeping in touch, taking me out and was very ambitious, mature, driven and calm at the same time.  He definitely kept my attention at that time and still has to this day and we’ve remained inseparable ever since.

Surprise Proposal
We had big news for our family and friends, not that we were engaged but we were expecting to have a baby!  Fast forward to the day of our co-ed baby shower, we had lots of our closest friends and family to celebrate the birth of our baby boy.  Jeremiah LOVES to surprise me, (he’s like the king of surprises) but he’s very over the top and random when he surprises me.  I was so focused on playing games at the baby shower, not to mention I had baby brain, I didn’t think twice of him proposing there.  It seemed too obvious for him, which he said was exactly why he chose to do it there.  During one of the games I was blindfolded playing a guessing game while everyone gathered around me.  Jeremiah hired a wonderful vocalists who began to sing Adele “One and Only” they took the blindfold off and it took me a minute to see what was happening (pregnancy brain lol).  Jeremiah got down on one knee to propose and I burst into tears.  Everyone was cheering and clapping, there was not a dry eye in sight… Of course I said yes!

Wedding Plans
Once we got engaged with me being pregnant, I honestly didn’t want any part of wedding planning.  I was having a great pregnancy and really wanted to focus on the baby for the 1st year, so we decided to plan the wedding for 2018.  We thought long and hard about to type of wedding we wanted and we love to travel to new places.  Since our 1st trip together, we go somewhere new at least once, sometimes twice a year.  So that’s why we decided on doing a destination wedding.  We decided to have the wedding in Costa Rica, which we haven’t been yet and many of our guests haven’t either, which we like.  So it should be a wonderful experience for many.  When we got engaged it was our seventh year together, and our son was born in the seventh month, so that’s why we picked the date July 07.  So far, we have the venue, time, and photographer picked out and have sent out our save the dates that look like boarding passes to go with the theme of a destination wedding.  We have been working with Destinationweddings.com and one of their lovely specialists, Ms. Sharon to help with guest accommodations.  We are also working with a wedding coordinator at the venue we chose to begin planning details.

The day is quickly approaching and we just cant wait to share our special day with our friends and family! For now, check out some awesome engagement photos from our session with Joshua Dwain !

Until Next Time,
XOXO Jillian

Vendor Collaboration:
Photographer: Joshua Dwain