Destination wedding anyone? Yes please! We look forward to counting down the days to Ebony’s Summer destination wedding in paradise, literally! This bride will be saying her “I Do’s” on Paradise Island in the Bahamas! Get to know how it all began with Ebony below. Enjoy!

Certified Coordinated Bride
JE # 1 – The Road to the Unbreakable Vow

Bride: Ebony Williams
Groom: Travis Shapira
Wedding Date: Friday June, 1st 2018
Wedding Location: Paradise Island, Bahamas (Atlantis Resort)

How We Met
Travis and I met in August of 2015. He was the quiet Audi Brand Specialist, and I was the new evening receptionist. I knew what my job was; great guest, answer phones and make sure everyone was always being helped. Also, I was supposed to make sure that no one, hung around the reception desk, especially the sales guys. Sounds easy enough, right? It was. I came in every afternoon, answered phones, smiled at clients, reorganized the café, always being the professional receptionist they needed me to be. The only thing I didn’t have under control was the desk lingerers. I was the shiny new toy, and everyone wanted to know all about me. I was more concerned with not getting fired than entertaining everyone’s questions.

By the first month, I knew everyone’s name and narrowed down which people I could ask to help and which people ran for the hills whenever a client had arrived, everyone including Travis. Although as an outsider he was the exception to both sides of the rules. Travis was one of the few that came around the desk and was one of the hardest working people in the place and no one ever noticed. Instead of texting on his phone, he was up at the desk asking me to make copies. When everyone was taking it easy, he was zipping around the place selling cars.   Did I mention he was the youngest salesperson in the entire place?

Moreover, he is still like this to this day. When he was up, he was with a client, and when he was down, he was with a client.  Travis has this work ethic you couldn’t believe for someone of his age. He was and still is like this car selling ninja. Sadly, what seemed like an excessive amount of work to some people it never was never enough to him. I can even remember one of the other members of the sales team saying; “why does this young kid always have decent clients, and I keep getting these people with bad credit? I have a child at home, this is ridiculous.”

Because he was always with someone, I took it upon myself on several occasions to make sure he had eaten, because he was always working and never eating. He would work through his lunches and even dinner sometimes just to make his sales. Always underestimated and never appreciated.

The First Date
Travis will tell you that he started flirting with me long before I knew he was doing so. We talked about my dog, Mowgli, and how I was hiding him in my apartment so I didn’t have to pay pet rent. He told me, “why don’t you register him as a therapy dog? That way you never have to pay rent or the deposit for him.” The man is a genius because that really does work.  We started to talk about animals, and he opened my eyes to these precious little things called Munchkin kitties and how they probably give a warped speed unwanted massage. On slow days and nights, and trust me in the luxury car business there are a lot of them, we would look for Waldo just to kill time. Now that I think about it, I don’t think we ever got a chance to beat all the puzzles.

The weather began to change the dealership business began to slow down by October, and I thought, why not revisit the idea of a new car. If I could afford it, and since Travis became my go-to for all car related questions and my time passing game playing buddy I knew just who was going to sell me an Audi. Thankfully, the dealership wanted to make a sale and get me out of my BMW because I got a STUPID deal on an almost fully loaded car. I remember calling my dad, the morning before making my decision, he told me, “if your payment is lower than what you are paying now, then sure you can get the car, but if it is not, I am not doing it, and you are on your own.” Great, I knew the car I wanted, but never drove one, so the first thing I had to do was a test drive. I knew exactly who was going to help me to. So I came into work early and gave him a call, while he was on his lunch and asked him if he could take me on a test drive. He said, “Sure let me just finish up my lunch, and I will head up that way and grab a car.”

Travis brought up a basic black over beige base A3 for the test drive, and to be quite honest I was not a fan, but he assured me it was just for the test drive. “I will find you a blue one with the black interior that’s a 1.8. This is just for the test drive since you’ve never driven an Audi before.” We were off, I zipped around corners, accelerated onto 75 and I was pretty much sold. It just wasn’t what I wanted, and Travis knew that. He knew that if I was going to buy anything it had to be a bold color nothing boring. So, no blacks, whites or grays. My shift started, and within a few hours I had fallen in love with a scuba blue 2016 Audi A3, and I just had to have it.

Travis, in true, Travis fashion, was once again zipping in and out of the dealership, doing so much behind the scenes work while I just sat at my desk working. All I saw was his head in the corner of my eye coming in and out of the dealership.  At one point, he just walked up to me and said “keys” and then left again. Before I knew it, I had a lease agreement on my desk ready for me to sign. By the end of my shift, I had a brand-new car thanks to him! I was too happy to drive my shiny new car off the lot at eight; I couldn’t wait. Just as he was about to hand me my keys, he said to me. “So, once you sign this you’ll be all set. Also, since I just sold you your first Audi, I have to take you to dinner.”

A week passed, Travis transferred to a new dealership, and I was still driving around in my new car. I was a little worried that our date was not going to happen because of his transfer but no Travis picked me up from my apartment, and we went to a local Italian restaurant the following Saturday. The meal was lovely and how I don’t remember what I ate, what I do remember was the conversations we had. We talked about life and our favorite movies. He told me that one of our coworkers was an ex-porn star and how he was surprised this was the first time I heard of this. Trust me; I had no idea. After dinner, we went for a long drive throughout the city, going to a waterfall and listening to all types of music, including some of the mixes he created himself. I was wildly impressed by how amazing this kid was; there was an entire other side of him that no one knew and it was truly the best date of my entire life.

After two years, of Harry Potter marathons, two dogs, a crazy cat and a brand-new house. I’m still driving my Audi and still with my not so quiet Audi Brand Specialist and couldn’t be happier with how my little life turned out. Every day we bond over new and exciting things. Either it’s The Big Bang Theory, Marvel movies or video games I didn’t think it could get any better even if I tried.

The Proposal
To know us is to love us. That is how I would describe our relationship. Travis and I are very different in many ways but are the same in the ways that matter most. He is outdoorsy, and I am more shoppy. He loves pasta; I love fried foods. He sees numbers; I see a creative potential. However, no matter how different we are we seem to find ourselves in the luckiest of situations. Heck, we found love in a dealership, and that is saying something.  All of that brings us here to our wedding website. Not too long after Travis and I had become a couple, I quit my job at the dealership and Travis transferred to his new position, and things seemed to be settling into place for us. I started working at an incentive company in Atlanta and Travis was working at one of the best dealerships in the city. Around some time last October after one of our in-house competitions I was lucky enough to win an all-expenses-paid trip to Cancun for two. Of course, I was taking my honey, so I decided to keep up with our travel birthday tradition and go for Travis’ birthday which for those of you who don’t know it’s in June. For the weeks leading up to the trip, we had talked about marriage briefly in conversation, as healthy relationships should, and started talking about rings. We passed by a Kay one day at the mall, and we had begun looking at chocolate diamonds admiring the cost, look, and uniqueness of them. I remember Travis asking me about a size a few weeks prior and not remembering so I figured when in Rome, get sized. I guess I was being probed because the sales lady asked me what type of jewelry liked. To be fair, that was the end of the conversation, or so I thought. The control freak girl in me wanted to make sure if Travis was ever considering popping the question that I wanted a ring to reflect me. A ring that he would think long and hard about after me dropping hints like bombs, just to sway in my favor. A ring that was simple but elegant. After a few days and weeks, the whole thing became too surreal, so I put any thoughts of marriage out of my mind. I love him, there was no need for that kind of pressure, and with that, the conversation never came up again.

Time flies when you are in love, a day feels like a month and a month feels like a decade. Your laughter with each other becomes the soundtrack to your lives, and you can’t help but keep it on repeat. It seemed like the days leading up to our trip were full of those songs. When I look at Travis, my heart skips a few beats, my palms sweat, and my stomach fills with butterflies. I couldn’t wait. It was our first time out of the country together and our first plane ride together. I don’t know what it was exactly, but something about going through TSA made the adventure that much more fun. When we arrived in Cancun, I couldn’t believe how hot it was, and I was so excited to hit the beach! I was vastly impressed with the resort we were put up in and smiling from ear to ear when we checked in. We ran up to the room changed our clothes and got ready to grab some serious sun. Travis called me to him and looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes of his and told me he loved me. He said, “I am so happy with you, and I love you so much!” Naturally, I kissed him and told him I loved him so much too. Between kisses, he began again. “I just love you so much babe, and you are amazing and by the way will you marry me?”

I immediately opened my eyes and looked down at the upside-down Jared box in his hand. “The box is upside down,” was all that came out before I started laughing. I was in shock okay! Laughter flooded into kisses which phased into tears which glided into “Of course I will marry you crazy!”

I wake up to my best friend every day thankful to have him in my life. When he smiles my cheeks warm, and gravity gets a little less heavy. When his warm head is laying on my lap when we watch a movie it is more appealing than facing society pretending to be what the world wants me to be. We laugh together and play like children and every day is a new adventure. So here we are, here we all are, on this journey to our wedding and would love nothing than for our exceptional family and friends to be with us on our wedding day.

The Wedding
I am excited to go on this journey to marry my best friend in paradise. We exchange our vows June 1, 2018, at Atlantis Resort in Nassau Bahamas, with our family and friends and I could not be any happier! We have a little over 200 days to our unbreakable vow, and it still feels like there is so much to be done. Between worrying about the multiple Caribbean hurricanes and massive earthquakes, I worry if we will even have a place to get married and we have already paid our deposits!

Travis tells me “whatever you want; I am happy with” My parents who are helping pay for this dream wedding are telling me “stay within budget, I mean it Ebby.” It is going to be fine, trying to plan a destination wedding, with parents who live in a different state, bridesmaids in different states and a wedding in a country that I have never been to. Yep! It’s all going to be perfect because I get to marry the man I love!

Check out our wonderful engagement photos by Jacquetta Sorenson  below!

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Vendor Collaboration
Photographer: Jacquetta Sorenson