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Journal Entry #2

Extra! Extra! Read All About It!

Hello lovely ladies!

Today, I am SO excited to share with you details about my custom made (and unique) save the dates!  For a long time, I always put the thought of a save the date on a back burner because I never knew or understood the significance of them.  What are save the dates? They are brief postcard-like invitations – or now, magnets – that you send to guests letting them know they are invited to your wedding.  What’s on save the dates? They usually include the date, location, and a brief line that basically says, ‘to be continued’.  Why do we need them? Honestly, it’s personal preference. You can go without them, but I think it really is a common courtesy to let guests know, in advance, that this day is significant because there will be an event.

My fiancé, Julian, and I really collaborated on this idea of a save the date. We wanted something different and something people don’t normally see. I am working directly with a local DC/MD graphic design company called Chronoworks Designs, LLC where I was guided with inspiration on how to bring our vision to life. We knew we wanted to incorporate our photos from our engagement as well as from our first engagement session and we wanted to go big. So, what did we decide on? Newspapers!

There is just something so nostalgic about newspapers and they are truly undervalued nowadays. Newspaper used to be the main source of how people read about current events happening locally and all around. They include a wide variety of things from politics, business, sports, art and opinions – they even have “interesting” things such as forecast, advice, crosswords, and comics. The other thing about newspapers are that they were widespread, so someone here can be as updated as someone elsewhere. As a couple, we felt like there were so many aspects to our relationship, that this would be the best way to share our news. It played as a save the date and an announcement for those who were unable to witness our engagement because we have loved ones near and far.

Chronoworks Designs did such an amazing job at bringing in the traditional newspaper look with a perfect touch of modern flair that Julian and I exude. From the big things to pictures and little details like headlines. We could not be happier.

The details:

The cover includes one of our favorite photos from our first engagement shoot with Tenneal of in11views. It includes a story (and announcement) of our engagement and obviously, headlines with our date and hashtag (#tyingtheknotwithascott). The newspaper was printed with newsprint texture and is folded in a French style which makes our newspaper (11”x17” opened, 8.5”x11” bi-folded, and 4.25”x5.5” French folded) so it had the full effects of a newspaper! The inside includes a brief ‘story’ on the details of our wedding. It is filled with bold lettering and more pictures from our engagement and engagement shoot. It also includes details like our wedding website and our wedding email. Besides the cover, the back is my favorite. We really wanted it to be interactive and have our save the dates feel like an experience, so we included a “just for fun” word search along with one of our favorite pictures from our engagement holding close what’s most important to us: our faith (we were holding a Bible). I am in love with the caption of our photo and the Bible verse above it.

If you want to see my newspaper in full action, feel free to watch my YouTube video.

Thanks for catching up with me!


Christine Nguyen

@misschriscash | #tyingtheknotwithascott