Certified Coordinated Bride Chandra
Journal Entry # 5
Down The Aisle

Walking down the aisle was one of the best days of my life.  I felt so fully myself and completely loved the moments before and during my walk up the aisle. I could feel the love and pride emanating from my dad as he walked beside me. It was really special to see all of my guests beaming at me. From our Indian ceremony/reception in New Jersey to our Christian ceremony/reception in Guyana was back to back planning. In the end it all came out great!

I enjoyed planning every bit of my wedding. I was not much in control and that’s because my sister was my Wedding Coordinator. She knew exactly what I wanted and executed it. You will have your hiccups while planning your big day. You cannot let that stop you from smiling and moving on.

We’ve been married three months now and it’s amazing. It’s the best decision I ever made. As others have said, it’s frustrating and a lot of work at times but if you marry the right person it will be well worth it. We became teammates and partners. It’s just better! Marriage just made us even closer. I love everything about marriage. I love going to bed with my favorite person in the world. I love talking to him because he’s genuinely interested in what I’m saying. He’s my best friend, my confidant and a lot of times, my voice of reason. To my fellow Coordinated Brides, enjoy every moment of your wedding. It will all come together in the end!