Hi everyone, my name is Ana and my handsome fiancé’s name is Brian. We met in College in the Spring of 2013. After seeing him in our Math class a few days and kind of exchanging looks, yeah,you know those shy looks? He moved his seat closer to me and we started talking. We realized that we were both horrible in Math, so he asked me out to study, I swear it was to study, I said joking that I would only accept to study with him if he brought me a “ Pastel de Nata” (a Portuguese custard cake).That being said, he brought me not only one but a dozen Pastel de Nata.

After that day studying at Barnes & Noble, he asked me out to dinner and I said no. Why? I don’t know but I thought it was the right thing to do. After a few days, he asked me out again and I said Yes, we went out bowling and then grabbed dinner, the rest is just history!

A month after our first date, he asked me to be his girlfriend. Brian and I have grown so much. We went through tough times that served to strengthen our love.We graduated in May 2015. Brian knows how much of a party/wedding planner I am and he insisted that I would plan a graduation party and also MY birthday party, since my birthday was 4 days after our graduation. I planned our party and invited a few friends and family, not knowing that he would give a speech in the middle of the party, which is not his personality at all, and little did I know that he would pop the question.

Knowing my fiancé, I know how much thinking and courage he had to have to propose in front of everyone, since he is very reserved and private, he said so many sweet words and made me feel so special. It was such an emotional and special moment to me, not only because I was about to be future Mrs. Araujo but also because our friends and family were there as well. We are getting married April 27, 2019 at the Grand Marquis in Old Bridge, New Jersey, I am super passionate about wedding planning, and I have all my vendors already booked. We are just in the process of sending Save the dates. I am also planning my own bridal shower. Because I love fall so much and the bridal shower will be November 3rd, I chose the theme “Fall in Love”. I am super excited with the shower and wedding planning; I can’t wait to share pictures with you all!
Ana Oliveira

Vendor Collaboration
Photographer: Fabiana Skubic