Morgan and Jordan’s North Carolina wedding was coordinated beautifully with black and white stripes and lots of gold accents. It was Glam, Classy, Sleek, & Modern.

Through the wonderful power of the internet, Morgan discovered Jordan. Despite him living in Canada while she lived in Charlotte. They started out as friends just chatting, but it grew more and more into a serious relationship as time went on. They’d find themselves falling asleep while Skyping, and that’s when Morgan just knew she needed to be with him in person. She packed her bags, and headed off to Canada to be with this handsome man of her dreams!

This sweet bride has been through it all, and lost her dad when she was only 14 years old.  He had written her a poem on her 11th birthday talking about how excited he was to walk down the aisle with her to her future husband.  She ended up taking a portion of that poem, and having it tattooed on her side.  She has dreamed about this wedding for as long as she can remember, but never thought a hurricane would come rolling in.   

Morgan was absolutely devastated, but she kept her spirits as high as she could. She had a balloon she would be releasing outside just before walking down the aisle with her mom, and had written a letter to her dad that was attach to that balloon. Morgan’s best friend had made her a monogrammed heart using one of her dad’s old shirts.  The monogrammed heart was then sewn into Morgan’s dress, right over her own heart. The moment that Morgan was in her dress, her mom then handed her a gift.   Inside was the same garter she herself had worn on the day of her wedding to Morgan’s father.

From Casey Hendrickson Photography

During portraits of just her, I had Morgan standing in a spot outside under a covering. There were bushes and flowers around her, but it was pouring rain. And then something incredible happened… I noticed something fluttering around her, traveling to all the different plants surrounding her.   You can actually see it in the background of one of the photos posted below. I smiled and got all teary. The bride asked me what was happening, and I told her she had a butterfly – IN THE RAIN – flying around her.   She then asked me what color it was, and I told her it was a beautiful yellow one.   And it was instant tears from both her and her mother the moment she turned around and saw it.    “That’s dad! That’s him! He is here with me! Yellow butterflies are his sign!” She blew a kiss to heaven, and despite this hurricane, everything turned out perfectly.

Vendor Collaboration

Photographer:  Casey Hendrickson Photography // Caterer: Bistro Catering and Events // Cinema and Video: Carlisle Videography //  DJ: Bridal Affairs // Event Planner: Wen Events // Hair Stylist: Bailey Upchurch MUA // Hair Stylist: Lindsey Burchfield // Dress Store: j majors // Ring Designer: Benjamin Private Jewelers // Event Venue: Champagne Manor  //x Submitted via Two Bright Lights