Jeneva & Roderick tied the knot on November 19, 2017 at the Milander Center of Arts and Entertainment.  The event was a rustic floral wedding that coordinated dusty rose, merlot and gold elements.  The pair were dating for 8 years before Roderick proposed.  Jeneva spent a year planning the wedding of her dreams.

Below, The Coordinated Bride Jeneva shares all the details about her love story with Roderick and the wedding.

I meant my husband at the grocery store. We were both standing in line waiting for our numbers to be called by a Publix deli worker. He said something funny and we immediately hit it off. We joke about him skipping my place in line and jump into details about what we like to do in our free time. We exchanged numbers and immediately became inseparable.

The Proposal

On this particular day my then boyfriend ask me to pack my bags for the weekend to go to Miami. It wasn’t out of the ordinary for me because we travel to Miami very frequently throughout the year. Once we arrived he drop me off at my parent’s house and ask me to be ready no later than 4 pm. Yet I still didn’t think that this day would be a memorable moment in my life. When he pick me up, he drove 20 minutes to a private airport known as North Perry Airport in Pembroke Pines, FL. I immediately hung up the phone with the friend I was talking to during the ride there and started to question him “Why we were here?” and “Why didn’t you allow me enough time to pack my personal items?” such as: makeup, clothes and etc. He ignored me and another vehicle pulled to the side of his vehicle.

Someone opened my passenger door and asked me kindly to step into another vehicle that would escort us inside the gate of the private airport. We both entered the vehicle and drove for another 5 minutes. Once we arrived the gentleman asked us to enter the building and offered us some champagne, finger foods, and then asked us to kindly wait as he prepared the helicopter for flight.   That’s when it hit me that we were going on a helicopter ride. I immediately asked  him if he enrolled in a class, due to the fact that he always had an interest in aviation and constantly insisted that he wanted to learn how to fly. We noticed a pool table and began playing as we patiently waited.

The pilot came inside and informed us that he was ready for us. I started to get nervous, I can feel my heart pounding, butterflies in my stomach and my Steve Madden heels slowly moving across the room. I finally took a deep breath and we entered the helicopter. The pilot got us safely into the sky and allowed my Roderick to take control. He took us across Miami Beach and it was a beautiful view. The sun began to set and I noticed that his mood changed and he started to get nervous. He kept looking at me but didn’t say anything. Even the pilot looked back at me and yet I couldn’t understand why I was the center of attention. The pilot then decided to do tricks and plunge the helicopter downward and I nearly had a heartache and insisted that I was ready to go. Once we landed, he escorted us back inside the building, where romantic music was playing and more champagne was handed to us. He began to tell me how much he loved me and how I always support him and have his back for everything he wants to accomplish.  Then he got down on one knee and pulled out this beautiful ring and asked me to marry him.

I was in total shock that I forgot to say yes!  I stretched my hand out to pull him up and passionately kiss my Fiance! 10/16/17 was the day I said “Yes!”

The Wedding

We include a unity candle that symbolizes our union and a prayer cloth. The pastor wrapped our hands with a cloth and prayed over our rings. He also wanted us to utilize the words ‘WE DO” rather than the words “I DO” to signifying that everyone in attendance accepted our union. We also wanted to include aspects of my Haitian heritage and his American culture. We wanted our guests to feel at home so we incorporated Haitian cuisine dishes, Kremas-a popular Haitian drink and dance to zouk, kompa and Dade-county dance known as jookin.

We had a mother and son dance duo that’s a little different than a traditional mother -son wedding dance. My husband and his mother completely stole the show with their epic reception dance. They begin by dancing to Boys ll Men “Mama” then surprised everyone by breaking into a Miami-Dade county dance off.

Our wedding reception contained a photo booth that prints photos instantly. The guests had fun props, friendly attendants, unlimited photo sessions, unlimited emailed images and branded photos that represented the rustic theme of our wedding.  We also had a customized dance floor that had our initials and wedding date. High white drapes covered our entire ballroom. Our bridal party table contained table numbers, gold reef charger plates, customized menu, burgundy napkins, blush sequin linen, tall gold vase with floral garland draped around the vase, three tall floating candles, and three small floral vase. Four tables each contained small floral vases with ivory linen, table numbers, gold reef charger plates, customized menu, burgundy napkins,and three tall floating candles. The remaining tables contained table numbers, gold reef charger plates, customized menu, burgundy napkins, ivory linen, tall floral vase, three tall floating candles, and three small floral vase. The sweetheart table was underneath floral chuppah with two tall floral candelabra chandelier on each side sitting on top of a white column. Two additional floral candelabra chandeliers on each side sitting on top of a white column were placed near the entrance to walk in the ballroom. The cake table sat on top of a burgundy linen table.

Advice to future Coordinated Brides

Congratulations! Don’t stress and try to not to take everyone’s opinion. This is most memorable moment of your life and have your wedding how you would like it.

 Such a cute getting ready photo!  The chalkboards have the place where the bridesmaid met the bride! Red/Merlot colored bridesmaid dresses!  Love the mix in textures! A love centered around prayer!       

Vendors Collaboration

Photography: Artistic Vision & Design ||  Designer: Tica Rose Events ||  Photo Booth: Miami Event Photo Booth || Dj: Mike Cooley || Saxophonist : Miguel Newberry || Caterer: Doris Catering || Makeup artist: Shan B  || Hair Stylist: Kathy   || Florist: Natinel Flowers, Linens & Rentals || Ceremony/Reception Location: Milander Center for Arts and Entertainment || Cake: Lux Cake  || Dance Floor: MPE Event Group  || Fan  Program : @RoyalLoveDesigns