Black is such a happy color – Chic and dramatic, yet neutral and comforting. This Fall we’re seeing brides step out of the Halloween themed take on the color, and going all in for dark and thoughtful elegance. Thinking of adding black to your nuptial color palette? “We say – go for it, and here’s how:

Black Flowers

The right floral decor is like adding a statement necklace to an outfit, it completes the look. Have your florist dye your favorite flowers black to add a touch of class. Spring for Roses, Dahlias, Pansies, Calla Lilies, and Hyacinths.


Black Pipe & Drape

We typically see the heavenly look of white drapery, but we beg you to consider going to the dark side. Imagine how intimate and sultry silk back drapery would look as you and your husband enjoy your very first dance as man and wife.

Black Candles

Wether they’re floating, pillars, or votives, black candles are an ideal twist on traditional wedding decor. Put these mood setters everywhere, especially since they’re perfectly paired with gold and brass holders, lush greenery, or white.

Black Place Settings

Going for a modern, minimalist, or glam look? Rent or purchase black plates, glasses, and cutlery for your reception table settings. Just add sprigs of greenery to black matte or shimmery metallics to black glossy – and watch your guests say more than just yum about their dinner.

Guests Dressed in Black

Imagine saying “I do,” in front of a sea of your loved ones dressed elegantly in all black. Suits and ties,  ballgowns and cocktails dresses will ensure that no one is under or overdressed for your big day. Talk about an upscale affair.

Bride Dressed in Black

If they do it in Germany, you know its cool. A big tradition in the beer loving land is for the bride to wear a black wedding dresses.  Black already makes you look slim and chic – so just imagine adding the elements to your big day.


Black Table Cloths

Want to make your reception space a bit more intimate? Kick your white and ivory cloths to the curb, and cascade a classy black table cloth over your dinner tables.  The new trend is large sequence, and glitter, but a silky or matte cloth back works well too.