Our home holiday decor is done – well at least for now. I’ll probably continue to edit the decor on a daily basis. If you continue to read and view the images you will see that I’ve already altered our holiday decor several times. My original idea was to go with red and green plaid and that idea started with some napkins that I found at Homegoods back in October. However, after searching my go-to decor stores and of course my Amazon storefront, I really could not find anything that I was head over heels in love with. So…. I moved from plaid to candy cane stripes, but then I felt like something was missing so I added red and white Buffalo Check via a runner but…..I didn’t like that either. So after many edits I am back to the red and white candy cane stripes and this is what I am sticking to…for now. Shout out to Amazon, Micheals, Homegood, TJ Max, At Home and Hobby Lobby. This post is not sponsored, but it could be. Holler at your girl!

Full disclosure – my husband has a rule that I cannot begin decorating the house for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Don’t judge me but I do follow this rule, but the weather has been so cold!!! It was freezing every time I had to urge to go outside and decorate the porch. But I finally got it done – with my nose running and after Hammie left me alone in the cold. Happy Holidays or whatever.

I really didn’t realize how cold it was outside when I woke up and decided that today was the day! I took me about 2 minutes to take down the Fall Decor and clean up the area.

Here are some of the before and after images of the garland and the wreath.

The garland on the perimeter of the door is handmade by me and is a labor of love from last year. I put so much effort into creating thepiece last year that I had to use them again as the baseline for this year’s decor. So I went with jeweled tones again this year but added some new finds from At Home and Michael’s like the plaid bows and the sign about the bells ringing.

This Nativity scene goes back to 2009!  I found it at The Christmas Tree Shop in Bergen County, NJ. It pre-dates my husband and I’s relationship.  Then again, my husbae claims that I didn’t have a life before him.  So yeah, there’s that.

As mentioned earlier, I started with red and green plaid on the tablescape. I know that a lot of the homes now are all white but my home is full of color. My dining room is painted red and the ceiling is metallic gold. So you see, white holiday decor just would not do.

Once I couldn’t find anything that I truly loved to go with the red and green plaid I went over to Hobby Lobby and purchased some fabric. In came the idea of the red and white striped napkin to coordinate with the ribbon that I used on the vases/centerpieces.

For the bar cart I simply added a few porcelain white and gold Christmas trees and I also added some of the pin striped fabric to the base of the bar cart to coordinate with the tablescape.

I still felt like something was missing though so I added some red and white buffalo check to the table runner.

and I hated it! lol. In the end I thought that the Buffalo plaid along with the stripes did not coordinate very well. I removed the plaid runner and hopefully I won’t find anything else to go on this table. Happy Holidays and Good Eating Loves!