~ We gon’ fill ’em up with vibes~

This year has been my year of letting go and not holding on to stress. The wedding was not going to be an exception. For my Bachelorette I told my sister/MOH that I wanted the following things and the rest is up to them: A piñata, chef, pool party and good vibes…man did they deliver! I chose Charleston, SC because I’ve done ALLLL the VIPs, turnt ALLL the way up and was in 2 other weddings this year before mine…ya girl was TIRED! Would you believe they had committees for each day/event? When I say these ladies are an extension of me, I mean that.

They dropped me off to get a massage, while they decorated the house. I arrived to champagne, gifts, snacks and the most amazing energy. We went to a local spot for dinner that had the best oysters and stayed up all night talking and laughing.

Highlights from Day 2 we “exercised” on the beach and then the ladies made brunch! We had v-steams and my absolute favorite part of this day was walking down King Street with music blasting and us twerking on every corner! Real Hot Girl Ish!! We taught my mom and aunts how to twerk (funniest thing ever), painted the town and stayed up till the wee hours laughing and talking about everything under the sun!

Day 3 was the pool party! We had a great breakfast and got ready for some fun in the sun! They coordinated fiesta colors for their swimsuits, had the drinks flowing and the best floaties!! After getting that natural glow we got ready for dinner which was prepared at the house by 2 amazing chefs. All the ladies shared advice, the tears flowed, and the love was felt 😊

13 bottles of champagne, 5 bottles of liquor and 4 cases of water (we old lol) later, I left with no voice and cheeks aching from smiling so hard! The vibe was perfect and beyond everything I had imagined for that weekend!

~ Skkkrrrttt Round 2 ~

Did I mention I had 2 bachelorette parties? I am sooo very loved and if I had an ounce of doubt, this wedding planning process has erased it. My friends and family have loved on and celebrated us so hard. I literally have tears in my eyes thinking about it. I love hard and I show up for the people I love, having them do the same in such thoughtful ways has me beyond words. Thank you all so very much for loving me and Terrence like you do!

Round 2 was chill, chic and everything I needed. My girls rented the cutest little cabin in North Georgia, had all my favorites snacks/food and planned an amazing winery tour. Like the first, I had no idea what to expect, just a “what to pack” list and jitters (they told me we were going camping, I was ready to fake sick and go back home LOL).

Our girls’ night in was the perfect grown up slumber party; face masks, matching PJs, flamin’ hot everything and a nice diffuser blend to get us right! We awoke to a BOMB brunch prepared by Momma P, who is currently baking our wittle baby (yes OUR baby lol we on this journey together) so she didn’t attend the wine tour. Being sober with us was job very few could’ve handled. The tour was great, we got allll the shine and some great wine (whew, I can drop a mixtape with that heat). Came home to a bonfire, tapas and more drinks. We danced, laughed and chatted the night away.

The decorations, food, wine and 7/11 music video I made them shoot in our matching PJs was the most relaxing and fun time ever!!


The Future Mrs. Jordan

P.S. Mom and the Auntourage are probably STILL twerking in preparation for Mexico LOL