This Connecticut engagement shoot incorporates a romantic feel of all the things that the couple loves; starting with their routine gym workout to their favorite relaxation and fun activity – baking cookies together.  The snowy weather couldn’t have been more perfect, after all, it was a snow storm that brought them together!  This is a story of how the girl that lived across the street from him became his wife.  Enjoy!!

The details!  From TimeFrozen Photography:

After many long months of house hunting, Reggie finally settled on a condo in Glastonbury, CT. Little did he know, three years later the love of his life would move in across the street.  From time to time they’d pass each other in the parking lot, and occasionally had small talk.

Four years later Ashli found a business card on her car, Reggie FINALLY asked her on a date!!! Although for the next year their schedules would keep them apart, a snow storm would eventually bring them together.   In February of 2013, Winter Storm Nemo graced Connecticut with its presence. This was pretty much the beginning of Rashlie Nelsteves (in case you didn’t know, that’s our couple name). Thanks to Connecticut being in a state of emergency, and almost 40 inches of snow, Ashli and Reggie were both stuck in their houses that weekend. Of course Ashli’s mother invited her over for a Storm Nemo happy hour/slumber party, but Ashli kindly turned down her invitation for Forced Family Fun. It was a good thing that she did, because who knew Mr. Wonderful (that’s Reggie) would come save the day by digging her car out of all of that snow. To thank Reggie and his muscles, Ashli decided to bake a batch of her brown butter toffee chocolate chip cookies. And this was the beginning of many more freshly baked cookies to come.

The Proposal

In early August he found just the right time to put everything into motion – relive a number of their first dates around Glastonbury. It started Thursday night with frozen yogurt at Sweet Frog, Friday they had oysters and Moscow mules at Max Fish and on Sunday they had waffles for brunch at Rose’s Berry Farm. Later that weekend, Reggie found a place that they had never been, Riverfront Park. He planned a picnic, where they snacked on their favorite foods. After they ate, they walked around the park, where they talked how their relationship had evolved over the years. Along the way Reggie asked Ashli which food she’d say represented them as a couple, and her response was of course chocolate chip cookies. She didn’t realize at this moment Reggie was actually munching on a chocolate chip cookie, and he had led her in front of this gorgeous fountain. While standing there, he brought to her attention that it was no coincidence that over the course of the weekend, he had taken her to all of the places where they shared their first memories. As he got down on one knee, he told her that Riverfront Park was a place for a new memory, and then Reggie asked Ashli, the girl from across the street, to be his wife!

 Vendor Collaboration

Photographer:  TimeFrozen Photography // Restaurant: Max Fish Restaurant // Location: Mission Fitness //