The bride and groom both have a love affair with Africa, both of the families have businesses in Africa and they wanted their wedding theme to be an African jungle paradise.

The theme channels the beauty of being in a colorful jungle with over-sized colorful cages and greenery everywhere.   The wedding reception had a tropical jungle pattern as a backdrop with zebras and colorful exotic birds.  The details of the setup are what really highlighted the theme and made it quite unique. There was a candy table full of big jars of colorful candy, marshmallows and cotton candy. The guests were seated on different types of tables, some were tables and some were colorful couches. The centerpieces differed from table to table but were all made of different bright flower arrangements and the menus were customized and had flamingos on them. The setup was all built from scratch as the floors had a tropical floral print and the ceiling had numerous suspended straw baskets with greenery coming out of them. The tables had an exotic green print on them and the sous plat alternated between the colors green, pink and transparent and the napkins as well.  Some of the chairs included a zebra pattern as cushions. The tables also had small details that added to the theme, which are porcelain jaguars and plaques with a jaguar wearing a red bow on them.

When the guests first entered the wedding venue, they were ushered into several rooms (or corridors) until they arrived at the main seating area. The first room is a colorful one made up of a checkered pattern of green, blue, yellow, purple and pink, deemed as the “fun room” which later on had fun props like lighted sunglasses, animal print masks, glitter masks,  plastic maracas and other musical instruments. Then the guests enter a corridor with hanging white branches and white elephants heads on each side. After that, comes the zebra room which had a wall made of red roses and a black panther then a zebra with zebra with red flowers print walls that read: “It’s a jungle affair”  and the hashtag #junglelovekz which incorporated the bride and groom’s initials.  The cake  was also inspired by the jungle and had tropical elements on it.

The bride’s gown was long and embroidered by the Lebanese designer Moe Shour and her bridal make up was by Fady Kataya.

A fun moment:  As mentioned before, there’s a fun room that had fun props like lighted sunglasses, animal print masks, glitter masks, plastic maracas and other musical instruments that made the after-party quite unique and full of happiness.

A unique moment: How every detail and each corner of the wedding venue was well thought of which really put the theme in perspective.

From the different rooms, to the table setup, walls cake and even the slippers, everything was customized and coordinated beautifully!  Below are just of the few stunning images from the wedding of of Zeinab and Khoder that took place in Beirut, Lebanon on July 27, 2018 from the Wedding planner Ghada Blanco.


Vendor Collaboration

Wedding planner: Ghada Blanco ( @ghadablanco)   || Photographer: JR TV Production (@jrtvproduction)  || Floral decoration: Roni Bassil, Ikebana (@ronibassil) || Catering: Faqra Catering @faqracatering  || Lighting: @toumaamir  || Visuals: Plan An Experience Design @planacreative   || Venue: Biel Group @bielgroup  || Bride’s Make up: @fadykataya  || Bride’s gown:  Moe Shour @moeshour