Amber and Chris met during their first year at UBC.   Six months into dating they tested their relationship with a two month trip to Europe. Their relationship was tested through unequal map sharing, adventures driving, unfortunate random food allergies and arguments over taking a cab or walking (they always should have taken the cab and never should have walked).  

Fast forward five and a years later and Chris proposed to Amber (who was completely unprepared for such a spectacular event and might have sworn on camera) and so begins the next chapter of their life adventure! 

Amber and Chris had a fun and relaxed outdoor wedding in Squamish.    The wedding reception took place at Evans Lake, and was fully outdoors! Yup, absolutely no cover from the elements.   Amber wore a dress that would transform part way through the day and Chris wore pink shoes! After they both got ready, the couple and photographer Wilson Lau of Wilson Lau Photography, headed into the woods for a first look.   Chris, being the emotional gentleman that he was, shed tears at least twice on the wedding day.   

The wedding ceremony took place in the middle of the forest, with stunning old growth trees as a backdrop.  Instead of following tradition, Amber was walked down by Chris, though it was more of a hike than a walk.

Amber and Chris prepared personal vows they wrote themselves and again there were tears from Chris.  When the officiant asked for the rings, all of the guys whipped out ring pops from their pockets which was a good laugh.

Another quirky thing that took place was that Amber and Chris did the paper signing on each other’s backs! After the ceremony, there was a big cheer from everyone, and then the celebrations began. 

While the guests played lawn games, Amber, Chris and Wilson wandered around the doing fun portraits. To start off the whole wedding party climbed a rock slide in their wedding attire which is some next level dedication! The couple also brought two pink chairs into the middle of the woods for portraits together. These guys certainly weren’t afraid to put in some work for the photos!

After the speeches, they snuck away to the lake for some sunset photos in which they canoed around the lake. The canoes come with the venue! How about that! When they returned the music started and they danced the night away. 

They are now inseparable and sharing a desire to continue on life’s adventures, both abroad and at home. Congratulations Amber & Chris!

Reception Venue:Evans Lake // Photographer: Wilson Lau Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights