Jean Paul (JP) and Cassandra tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony in Coral Gables, Florida on April 14, 2018.  The pair met at a beach BBQ when Cassandra was afraid to go into the water but JP was determined to teach her how to swim.  The rest, as they say, is history. JP and Cassandra dated for 4 years before he proposed.

The Proposal, as told by Cassandra

I had a feeling he was going to propose so anytime we would go out I would get fully dressed up with a full face of makeup ….I really mean ANYTIME….to the gas station, dinner, mall – I would get all dolled up and NOTHING. One day it was pouring rain outside my hair was a mess and he (JP) had just bought some Chinese food. I figured since it was raining we would stay home and watch a movie. He called me into the movie room and as I was sitting there waiting for the movie to start, he walked out and came back in holding a ring!!    He said, “Casseta (my middle name) I can’t imagine my life without you, would you be my wife?”  I screamed out while laughing, “OMG you do this when I look the worst I can possibly look!”   I said yes then I started jumping around and calling everyone to tell them the news. 

The Wedding Details

The both of us are planners and very hands on. I knew I didn’t want a wedding planner because we get into any event we are planning.  First I sought out my bridal gown….then I knew I wanted it to be different so I had the designer add extra touches and also make a one of a kind cathedral length veil to match.    I didn’t want a typical reception gown and some of the sexiest woman are from Brazil so I sought out Patricia Nascimento to make me a custom gold gown that fit like a glove. We had an All-Black attire dress code which made everyone look so elegant.  Can’t go wrong with black.  We are a fun couple. We love to have fun and entertain so our reception had to be a reflection of us – which it was. We had an open premium bar along with performances by Reggae greats Glen Washington and Tarrus Riley and our Host and MC was the King of Caribbean Comedy MaJah Hype mixed with amazing music by Dutty Dex.  If we weren’t laughing from the jokes we were dancing from the music and performers. What an amazing night to remember!  

Advice for fellow Coordinated Brides?

All my vendors and friends kept telling me please try to relax the day of and enjoy everything. I guess because JP and I planned everything, everyone figured we would be high strung.  The day of the wedding, the photographer pulled me aside and said, “I see allot of brides get so worked up in making sure everything is perfect that they miss out of their special day.”  NOT US! lol You plan as best as you can with the mindset nothing will be perfect.  My day of coordinator knew my vision and how I wanted things to be and so the day of we were completely relaxed.  HAVE FUN….this is your one day….DANCE LAUGH AND DANCE SOME MORE!!! Don’t sweat what’s not going right. Those are the things you will most likely look back on and tell jokes about. 

Vendor Collaboration

Bride and Groom: Cassandra and JP Chin ||  Brides IG: justcass_22  ||  Ceremony and Reception locations:  Coral Gables, Florida  || Photographer: Artistic Vision & Design  IG: avdpics || DJ: Dutty Dex IG: duttydexcorporate  || Cake: Cake Lunge Miami IG: Cakeloungemiami  || Master of Ceremony: Majah Hype IG: majahhype  || Makeup: Orijahnel IG: orijahnelmua  || Hair: Shay Couture IG: shaycouture1  || Guitarist: Coll Music IG: collmusic  || Wedding Gown: Leigh Price for Ysa Makino  IG: leighjprice  || Reception Gown: Patricia Nascimento IG: patricia_nascimento  || Reggae Performer: Tarrus Riley IG: tarrusrileyja   || Reggae Performer: Glen Washington IG: GlenWashington  || Linen Renatls: Chrsitina’s Party Rentals  IG: christinaspartyrentals  || Catering: Miami Grill IG: miamigrillcatering  || Vintage Car rental: Florians Classics IG: floriansclassics  || Photobooth: The Frank  Booth  || Floral Design and Day of Coordination: Rodristudio IG:rodristudio  ||  Reception  Venue:  Office Parc | Douglas Entrance