For more than one million students, yesterday was the official start of the school year for New York City Public Schools.  Many of these students are entering their Senior year – an exciting and terrifying experience for both parents and children.

While this school year will be fun it will also be the time for Seniors to continue to lay the groundwork for a bright future. 

3 Things to help your High School Senior Excel

Treat Them like Adults

If your High School Senior is anything like me, they cannot wait to go away for college.   In order to succeed in college, they must become self-reliant.  Senior Year is the perfect time for your Senior to start “Adulting”.  Their college professors will treat them like adults and so should you.

Teach Them the Importance of Money Management

A friend of mine actually absorbed all school loans for her child’s education.  She did not want her child to graduate from college with a mountain of debt.  If you are not able to do this for your Senior or if your Senior is not able to get a full scholarship, learning proper money management will help them understand the consequences of unpaid loans and the importance of good credit and debt versus income ratios. 

Encourage Volunteer Work

While academics are very important, extracurricular activity is also weighed heavily in the college admissions process – and they make for great real-life experience when writing that oh so important college admissions or scholarship essay.

It’s going to feel like time is flashing before your eyes – almost as if someone pressed fast-forward and forgot to let go.   To capture beautiful memories Marissa decided to take Senior photos – outside of the ones offered by her school.  She enlisted the assistance of her former dance teacher turned photographer, Casey McDaniel Photography. The pair ventured out to the picturesque Liberty State Park in New Jersey to make magic.

Marissa has a grace and coolness that seems to come naturally to her.  We wish Marissa and the entire class of 2020 all the best in what lies ahead.  

Photographer: Casey McDaniel Photography // Submitted via Two Bright Lights