Today marks two months since high school sweethearts Kelli and Joshua said their “I Do’s” in a beautiful church ceremony back in November. We got a chance to ask Kelli how she felt on that memorable day and her recap is below, get your tissues ready because it’s a tear jerker!

I woke up at 4:24am, and it was THE day, the day that I always dreamed of. I wasn’t nervous, or anxious, or tired. I was calm and I was so excited. When talking about our wedding day, most people told me that the day would fly by, and to really savor every moment. That was the best advice that I was given about our wedding day. I sat up in my bed, and stared at my wedding gown, just for two short minutes before I got up, before the day truly would begin and I reminded myself to remember this moment. 

Slowly but surely my girlfriends started to arrive, and shortly after so did the makeup artists. I made sure to sit with my mom, and remember everyone’s smiles as they walked in. I hugged my dad, and my younger brother — because they were my first true loves. We were way behind schedule, and it started to snow/ rain, but we still made it to the church in just the right time (and in by in time I mean fashionably late of course).

I always thought that I would be so nervous walking down the aisle. Luckily for me, I had the best walking partner, my dad — who made me laugh the whole entire time. I saw so many of the people that we loved, my student and her parents, and at the very end of that aisle, the love of my life.

I smiled from ear to ear during our ceremony. We laughed, and we said “I do” to the most important promise that we could make to each other. I will never forget holding Joshua’s hand that day, or the look in his eyes when we first saw each other. I felt so much love, and I know that he did too. 

After the ceremony, we took pictures and arrived at our reception venue. Our maitre d sneaked us into the cocktail hour room for ten minutes before everyone else was invited in. That was the MOST important thing to do — because although everyone says “remember to eat” we definitely did NOT eat after this point! 

When those cocktail hour doors opened, we felt even more love than we could have ever imagined. All of the people we love were there. We danced all night long and we had the BEST DJ who made sure the dance floor was never empty. Our wedding day was a dream.

My advice to future brides would be: Remember to savor the moments, take a minute or two to just watch everyone in that room. Pay attention to their smiles and their crazy dance moves. Let them take a million pictures of you and your now husband (AH!) Dance all night, and don’t worry about your hair falling, or your dress bustle breaking, speaking from experience — if it happens, it won’t matter, because it means you’re having fun. 

Don’t sweat the little things, nothing will go exactly as planned. Just remember, you and your very best friend just started the first chapter of your new book, and it’s going to be the best story yet!”

We couldn’t have said it better! Check out the gorgeous images captured by Lotus Wedding Photography from Kelli and Josh’s special day below!

Vendor Collaboration
Reception Venue: The Cottage at the Milleridge Inn 
Photographer: Lotus Wedding Photography
DJ: Teddy Rauert
Flowers: Four Seasons Florist 
Makeup/ Hair: Mia Farrah Beautique 
Wedding Gown: Paisley Bridal – Essense of Australia