She is Carmen from the republic of Cabo Verde, an island state in West Africa and this is a story of love and courage. Carmen is a young bride with a head full of curls and dreams. She would love an intimate wedding on a beautiful  beach of Bel Paese, a welcoming and generous land where her whole family now lives. She walks lightly on that winter sea , the brackish wind pushes her among the white dunes as if she were one of those scarlet dragonflies flying in the tall grass.

Carmen is waiting for the sunset, she is waiting for that sun that seems to have disappeared behind the clouds for too long. When it seemed that night had already fallen over the sea, at the last moment, like a fiery golden blade, the sun flooded the eyes and heart of that girl from Cabo Verde with a last magical and unforgettable glow. I would like this shooting to bring the same hope to girls who, like her, dream of getting married in the post-covid era. The virus will never stop love.

Vendor Collaboration

Dress Designer: BERTA // Makeup Artist: Suely Hair and Makeup // Dress Store: Le Spose di Mori // Photographer: Alessia Angelotti // Submitted via Two Bright Lights