EZ Lifestyle, a global health and wellness brand with over 300,000 customers, has dug into what millennials really want this wedding season. Polling over 1000 millennials who are planning to attend a wedding this summer, they discovered that “The wellness generation” is true to their name even at weddings. Of 1,000 polled, 75% chose healthy gift bag options compared to the summer’s trending wedding gift bag items. 

 35% of respondents said they would prefer non-alcoholic party favors over alcohol – 85% of respondents chose a natural hangover supplement over the typical Advil packet.  CBD oil has made its way into wedding gift bags, and is the #1 sought-after wedding party favor followed by natural hangover prevention supplements.

CBD Oil Vs Sleep Masks

CBD (cannabidiol) is a supplement from cannabis that is recognized for its health benefits. It calms the nerves, helps relieve stress, and aids in focus. So after a long night of drinking and dancing at the reception, ditch the sleep masks and earplugs in your gift bag —give your guests a more natural way to unwind.

Natural Hangover Supplement Vs Hangover Kit

Over-the-counter pills like Advil and Tylenol are go-to cures for hangovers, making them popular in wedding gift bags. But before you take one, don’t forget that they are made of synthetic ingredients, and are not preventive; you take them the day after, rather than the night of. Instead, take something at the reception that’ll ensure you’re alive and well at the farewell brunch. Over EZ swaps out those synthetic ingredients for natural supplements, so you’re feeling fresh and energized all weekend long.

Ginger Shot Vs Canned Cocktail

After a night of celebrating, chances are your guests may prefer a healthy dose of ginger over another cocktail.Ginger shots are packed with plenty of antioxidants that help fight nausea and indigestion —which may be useful the morning after. Not to mention that it’s incredibly refreshing.

Protein Filled Donuts Vs Donuts

It’s often tough to stay healthy at a wedding, AND have fun. But luckily, those days are changing. With these protein donuts on the table, you’ll get the best of both worlds —the dance floor, and the dessert.

Sustainable Sunglasses Vs Plastic Sunglasses

If your wedding is out in the sun, your guests are going to need shades. But this time, don’t give away the cheap non-degradable plastic shades as favours. Step a notch: go all-natural with sustainable sunglasses. You’ll beat the sun, help the Earth, and look good at the outdoor ceremony.

Detox Iced Tea Vs Cocktail Kit

Sure, you could brew up a cocktail the night of, or the morning after the wedding. But why give your guests more alcohol after a night of drinking? Drink less, feel better. With a detox iced tea, you’ll make a drink that’s not only rejuvenating, but also, good for you, with remedial benefits and more natural sugar.

All Natural DIY Bug Spray Vs Bug Spray

Outdoor weddings are great, but they bring the bugs along with them. Who wants to be swatting away mosquitoes as vows are being exchanged? No one. So give your guests something to prevent the bugs. But shy away from bug sprays like OFF and other popular brands, that have harmful toxins. This wedding season, treat your guests to an all-natural alternative with an easy bug spray that gets the same job done, but without the risk.All Natural DIY Bug Spray.

Aloe Vera Plant Vs Hand Cream

We get it: wedding weekends are long, and tiring. Hand cream is a popular gift bag for that very reason; it’s a quick way to rejuvenate in between events. Yet many in-store hand creams have ingredients that are considered toxic by dermatology experts if used too much. So why risk it? Especially when aloe vera exists. This all-natural succulent is affordable, accessible, and leaves your skin feeling great. It’s the perfect restorative lotion for an active wedding weekend.

Bamboo Sparklers Vs Sparklers

Sparklers are an essential part of any summer wedding. But all too often, the lights that shine up the night are not recyclable, causing a whole lot of environmentally harmful clutter. That’s not the wedding party you want. And now, with bamboo sparklers, you can keep the light without the waste.

Tattoos Vs Gold Ink Tattoos

Draw-on gold temporary tattoos, have long been a popular favor or gift bag item at weddings —like adult face painting, for bridal parties and guests alike. But recently, they’ve been found to include chemicals that could prove harmful to your skin. So why take the risk? Switch over to healthier temporary tattoos that are chemical-free, and still glamorous. Your guest will thank you.

“Millenials are some of the most health conscious people with buying power, and also the most likely to be attending weddings this summer. We were curious to find out just how much their desire for healthier lifestyles would permeate into wedding season,” said EZ Lifestyle CEO Tom Greenberg.  “For brides and grooms, we hope this study helps provide new and healthy alternatives to the traditional selection of wedding gift bags.” Weddings are often associated with open bars, so it’s no surprise that hangovers are often rated the #1 negative side effect of weddings. But rather than more booze or aspirin to take the edge off, the study found that millennials prefer natural alternatives — like CBD oil, detox teas, and supplements —  to power on the next day.

2019’s Top 10Trending Healthy Wedding Swag Vs Top Summer Wedding Gift Bag Items

1 CBD Oil Sleep Mask and Ear Plugs
2 Natural Hangover Prevention Supplement Hangover Kit with Advil
3 Ginger Shot Canned Cocktails
4 Non-Fried High Protein Donuts Donuts
5 Sustainable Sunglasses Plastic Sunglasses
6 Ice Detox Tea Starter Kit DIY Cocktail Kit
7 DIY Homemade Bug Spray Bug Spray
8 Aloe Vera Succulent Hand Cream
9 Bamboo Sparklers Sparklers
10 Temporary Tattoo Gold Tattoo

About EZLifestyle: EZ Lifestyle (www.ez-lifestyle.com) is a global health and wellness brand, based in Canada. Withall-natural ingredients from the Brazilian Amazon, our three supplements — for energy; for sleep; and for recovery from a night out — are aimed at providing the most natural solution for health-conscious consumers. With over 300,000 customers in over 15 countries around the world, we’re on a mission to get everyday superheroes to where they need to be without the chemicals.