Lindsay and Gerald said “I Do” in a 1920’s Glamorous and sparkle filled destination wedding at the Treasury on the Plaza in St. Augustine, FL.
From Photographer  Dragonfly Photography

The first time I talked with Lindsay, it was going to be a quick hello which turned into a 2 hour conversation. This pretty much sums her and I up in a nutshell.

At the point we first connected, she knew she wanted a destination wedding but wasn’t totally set on which destination. She was leaning towards a venue in Pennsylvania with a wintery outdoor theme. She called me after she flew home saying she didn’t know what she was doing yet, but she knew she wasn’t doing that. She walked into the wedding venue and just knew it wasn’t right. That’s the thing about Lindsay, she knows these things, in a somewhat brilliant way. I (and others) are trying hard to convince her that she needs to go into wedding planning, because well, she’s extremely good at it. Like, extremely good at it….

Probably my biggest challenge with Lindsay was convincing her that it was time for her to be the bride, not the planner, at some point in her wedding experience. But when she walked into her reception and gasped with joy, (and nearly made her day of coordinator cry happy tears) we all knew it was worth it. She imagined, planned, reimagined, thought both inside and outside of the box. In the end, it was like stepping back in time, and a magical night in Saint Augustine.

Her theme was somewhere in a 1920’s black tie feel, but none of it felt overly “themey”. It can be really tricky to pull off a feeling without making something clich? and Lindsay did it masterfully. It was a night full of glamour and sparkle but more than anything, it was sophisticated and timeless.

Linds and G are madly in love. I suppose that would be somewhat obvious since they were getting married but they are the type of people that can be in a room full of craziness and be completely in tune with each other. One of my favorite parts of our day together was watching them exchange gifts. They had both chosen gifts they knew the other person would love and watching them give and receive them was kind of the cutest thing ever. It was so personal and meant so much to each of them. They also had gifts for their parents that were just as personal and well thought out. I don’t even know how she had time for thinking through such wonderful gifts, but to me it was an example of them as people. I love couples like this.

They decided to have their wedding ceremony at the Saint Augustine historic Lighthouse on the lawn. It’s a beautiful wedding venue. It was a ceremony filled with sweet moments and full of plenty of laughter. The couple then moved to the Treasury on the Plaza for the reception which was originally a bank constructed during the 1920’s. It’s really a sight to behold and I know beautifully framed a lot of her decor choices.

It was a day filled with everything from torrential downpour to magical moments. I know that my favorite part of the day, without a doubt, was running through the rain in the dark 2 blocks away to photograph wedding portraits during the annual Nights of Lights festival. I can only imagine how comical it was to see four of us trudging through the streets of Saint Augustine, running through huge puddles, 3 of us in formal attire and a beautiful bride in a large heavy wedding dress. We laughed, we hid in buildings, we soaked cameras and we made some night time magic together.

Vendor Collaboration

Photographer:  Dragonfly Photography // Event Designer: Aime Peterson Flowers and Event Design // Event Planner: EFS Catering // Beauty: Happily Ever After Hair // DJ: Pro Show DJ Services // Design and Decor: Southern Charm Events // Ceremony Location:St Augustine Lighthouse // Event Venue: The Treasury on the Plaza // Submitted via Two Bright Lights