Yohance and Ariel met on the campus of FAMU when she was entering her sophomore year and he was entering his junior.  The pair have been dating for 6 years and engaged since December 10, 2007.

From the Bride to Be Ariel

Yohance and I met through my God brother back in college 6 years ago. I was entering my sophomore year and he was going into his junior year at FAMU. In the beginning, Yohance had no game what so ever (lol). It actually took some persuading from my God brother for him to ask me out. My God brother was playing matchmaker games between the both of us before I finally gave in and gave Yohance my phone number.

We’ve been dating for a total of 6 years now. He proposed on 12/10/2017. On the day of his proposal, everything that could go wrong did (lol). He first took me to this small airport where he’d made plans to take me on the private helicopter ride across the Miami Skyline however, the weather was horrible that day (thundering and lighting with heavy rain). Unfortunately, the company was unable to take us up in those weather conditions. So, he then proceeded to go to South Beach to grabbed a quick bite after which he highly encouraged me to get my nails done. At that moment with the weather being crazy and our plans being cancelled, I wasn’t really in the mood to get my nails done, but Yohance was insistent upon me getting my nails done (this was the moment when I knew he had something up his sleeves).

Fast forward to a couple hours later. I was told that we were going to Capital Grille for dinner as a delayed birthday celebration (mind you now, my birthday is in September, and this “delayed birthday dinner” came all the way in December). Anyway, throughout dinner Yohance started talking about making speeches and going on to say he wasn’t the best public speaker. He procceds to tell me a story about when he was younger, he begged his parents to be a part of this big community event that required him to speak to a crowd. They eventually gave in and allowed him to participate, however once he got on stage he choked and completely forgot everything he was supposed to say (ha-ha).

After dinner, we went back to our hotel (The Mandarin Oriental) and listened to live jazz music. Once the music stopped playing; he told me he had one last birthday gift for me. I was told to close my eyes, once I opened them, he was down on one knee asking me to marry him! He then said…..”I explained the story of the speech incident when I was younger to let you know that I’m not the best at giving speeches, but whatever I say it comes from the heart. I can’t imagine my life without you, will you marry me?” And of course I said Yes!

When he proposed emotions of excitement and pure joy just overcame me. The love of my life had proposed to me.

Huge congrats to Yohance and Ariel.  We wish you all the best!