Velisha & Mario originally met their sophomore year at UAB. Both were in serious relationships at the time. Fast forward a few years and breakups between both of them, they reconnected at a friend’s house in Atlanta for what Velisha thought was a Christmas Party but masked as a SEC Championship gathering for Mario to attend. As Velisha notes, Mario was the “Grinch of Love” just due to the nature of his past relationship, so he wasn’t really expecting to fall in love again. Little did they both know that this gathering would bring the two of them together. Since their date on New Year’s Eve 2012, the two have been inseparable ever since.

Velisha & Mario enjoy traveling together, going to the movies and enjoy a great meal (they are foodies). They also like family outings with Velisha’s 8 year old daughter by going to the park. – Velisha on Mario: He’s a humble family oriented, Christian Man. He’s very reserved and doesn’t like to be the center of attention. – If Mario described Velisha: She’s caring and nurturing. He’d say that she was spoiled (by him I’m sure). She’s very bubbly and can work a room. The two of them are polar opposites but as the saying goes, those opposites certainly attract.

The couple have been dating for the past 2 years and on Velisha’s birthday this past December, she was surprised with a birthday engagement, one that Mario always said he wouldn’t do…that’s the perfect type of surprise!

The Proposal

Velisha was heading home after work and while chatting with Mario, she never suspected anything was up until she entered the stairwell of her apartment and saw a note saying to “Press Play” when she entered. Thinking that he invited all of their friends over for a surprise birthday party, she prepared herself to be surprised upon walking in the door, in scrubs and all.  Upon opening the door, she found dimmed lights and rose petals. Venturing over to her iHome player, which she only controls on her phone, she searched for this elusive play button. She turned on the power and music started playing and Mario started walking from the back room. She thought, wait, is this right and quickly turned off the music, which made Mario retreat back. Then she pressed the button again, which is a great thing that she did as Mario came back into the room and asked her to be his wife!

Advice to Fellow Coordinated Brides

There are a few things I would say to a bride when she is planning a wedding. Sit down with your new fiance and really discuss your vision and your budget for your wedding. Don’t compare yourself or your wedding to other brides/friends or magazines. Be authentic and original to you. You don’t have to go all out to have a nice wedding – sometime simple is better (and a lot of times much easier).  As you are talking to vendors, don’t feel obligated to make a quick decision. Take a day or so and think about what you need and want to accomplish and if this vendor can execute your vision.

When choosing your bridal party, take your time and think about who you are choosing and why. Then make sure they are willing to stand by you throughout the entire wedding planning process. It’s not just about showing up the day of in a pretty dress. Keep open communication with your fiance’ and parents if they are helping to foot the bill as far as finances go.   But most of all try not to stress and enjoy the process. Don’t try to do it all your self. Ask for help. Having a great wedding planner definitely helps. You will never regret having the help.

Velisha and Mario are set to wed on Sunday, September 6, 2015 in Birmingham, AL.

Special thanks to their wedding planner and a close wedding creative favorite, Jillian of OneTouch Events LLC for introducing us to this amazing couple and for sharing their story.   All images expertly captured by Sam Jasper Photography.






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