Exactly one year from today April and Marcus will be on the sandy beaches of Jamaica, exchanging vows and becoming Husband and Wife!

From the Bride to Be

When I think about our love story the word that seems to be best fitting is Destiny.  I know it sounds cheesy.  Like a story book fairy tale or a romantic novel but I seriously couldn’t make this sort of fate up even if I tried, and believe me in past relationships I have tried and failed.

My name is April Mcwhirter.  I was born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina and graduated from Hampton University School of Pharmacy in 2012.  My fiancé’s name is Maurice Weaver. He was born and raised in Rocky Mount, North Carolina and graduated from North Carolina A&T University in 2008.  You’r probably wondering, why is where you two were born and went to college relevant to your love story?  It matters, just stick with me.  Fast forward to April 2013.  Myself and two girlfriends from college just needed a break so we planned a girls vacation to Montego Bay, Jamaica.  Our sole motive and mission was to just simply relax.  On April 27th 2013, to be exact, my friends and I were on the beach in Jamaica sipping rum runners and in deep, much needed, girl talk.  Earlier we had learned that a couple from NCA&T was getting married at our resort later that night.  The beach that particular day was pretty packed.  We assumed all the people out there were wedding guests, and the assumption was correct.   As we sat there sipping our drinks a tall, dark, handsome guy walking along the beach caught our attention.  I specifically remember us gawking over his perfect physic.  After about 10 minutes of us basically just staring at him he walked over to us, shakes each of our hands and introduces himself.  As the four of us talked we learned that he too was staying at the same resort and was a guest of the groom whom he played football with in college.  We joked about him being from the small town of Rocky Mount, about us both being from North Carolina and about how hot it was that day.  Our conversation was brief.  I saw him from afar the next few days of our girls vacation around the resort but never spoke to him again in Jamaica.  We hadn’t exchanged phone numbers, room numbers or even last names.

Two weeks after returning home from paradise. I was scrolling through Instagram as I always am and I stumbled upon some wedding pictures of the NCA&T couple that we’re married at our resort in Montego Bay.  Low and behold who do see in one of pictures?  The tall, dark and handsome guy from the beach! So being the social media fiend that I am,  I hopped on Facebook to do some research.  I found him!  And of course I sent him a friend request.  A few moments later he was in my inbox and we were chatting again, just like that!

After about 3 months of talking, texting and face-timing he finally made the first three hour drive from Rocky Mount to Charlotte to see me. He came over and we stayed up until 3 am talking and watching New Jack City.  That night I knew he would be my husband.  I was so confident I would even refer to him as my husband when I talked to my friends about him despite the fact that were not even officially dating yet.

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After a year and seven months of long distance dating, driving 3 hours back and forth from Rocky Mount to Charlotte had gotten pretty old. This past Christmas morning, at my families annual Christmas morning breakfast, Maurice got on one knee in the living room in front of my family and popped the question. I was in utter shock! I cried tears of joy and said yes!

Our union is God’s promise to me fulfilled.  He knew exactly what he was doing when he placed us both on the same beach, at the same resort, on the same island in Jamaica. We lived in the same state, both went to MEAC HBCUs but had to go thousands of miles away to paradise to become acquainted.  Us meeting in such random fashion really wasn’t random at all.  It was destined!

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Thank you April for sharing this beautiful love story.  We wish you all the best in your wedding planning journey.  Happy 1 year wedding countdown!

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