Marcel Williams and Shayna Jefferson had a breathtaking engagement session at the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami, Florida.  The stunning couple’s e-session was captured by Nate Veal Photography.  Marcel shares some details on how they met and the proposal:

How They Met

“My fiance, Shayna and I were introduced to each other through my mom. My mom was at work, closing out a case that involved her taking a juvenile to a local hospital, where Shayna works. Intuition told my mom that Shayna and I would make a great couple. It took a little convincing, and a stamp of approval from her co-workers listening in, but she decided to give me a chance. We went on a few dates and we’ve never looked back!”

The Proposal

“For this special moment, I chartered a boat for a private, sunset dinner cruise. I prepared cherry chili salmon, asparagus, and wild rice. I bought her favorite wine, Bartenura moscato. We arrived at the docks promptly at 5:00 pm to set sail for our 3 hour cruise. I had already downloaded old school R&B, hits and oldies, and even some of our favorites for our entertainment. It seemed like time went by so fast after we ate, and it was time for the biggest moment in our lives. I planned to propose at exactly 7:30 pm, right at sunset. At 7:28 pm I read a poem detailing exactly how I felt about her. After she literally melted in front of me, I got down on one knee and asked her to be my wife. That night made me the most proud man on Earth. I couldn’t believe that this woman, beautiful inside and out, actually said yes to me! I just think about how it would not have been possible, if it weren’t for my mom’s intuition. I guess a mother really knows best!”

The Coordinated Bride agrees; mother knows best.  It’s evident that these two are meant for each other.  Let’s get to the pics…shall we?

TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I0048_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I0187_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I0289_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I0426_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I0476_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I0510_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I0544_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I0589_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I0601_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I0791_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I1137_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I1223_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I1241_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I9088_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I9146_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I9293_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I9381_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I9549_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I9595_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I9738_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I9790_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I9819_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I09951_low TheCoordinatedBrideJefferson_Williams_NateVealPhotography_B78I9953_low

Photographer:  Nate Veal Photography//Reception Venue: Vizcaya Museum and Gardens//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights