Patrick Owen, owner of an advertising company from Polson, Montana, and Kathryn Benz, assistant soccer coach at the University of Montana from Sonoma, California, met in an old fashion, home-town, Missoula bar called Red’s.

The night Pat and Katie met, Katie explained the night as “almost something out of a silly romantic movie.” You know, that scene where the guy and the girl have locked eyes while everything around them fades and time stands still? That was the night “Pat and Katie” began. In this “movie-like” moment, they caught each other’s eyes and stared with an instant draw to one another.

“The moment was almost inexplicable, it just felt right and I had to meet him. Sure enough, after I called him over (Yes! I called him over) we talked for hours. I still haven’t lost the ear-to-ear grin he put on my face that night.” Katie gushed.

“Saying I was awestruck is an understatement. I remember thinking that the moment was too good to be true and then I talked to her. She had such a genuine presence about her and all I wanted to do was be around her more.” Pat explained.

After that eventful night, in a short amount of time, they formed a deep connection. They found that their passions in life aligned perfectly with one another and conversation was effortless.

Katie said, “We simply enjoyed each other’s company. Pat’s openness and honesty made me feel comfortable to share with him and created our strong foundation in communication. Our communication is something I cherish deeply about our relationship and is the reason why we work so well. One of my favorite things about Pat is his way of making people feel heard, understood and accepted. He’s a genuine friend and is my favorite person.”

After a year of exploring their relationship and growing closer together, their connection became stronger. Pat had been thinking of proposing to Katie for a while. To prepare, Pat bought a ring made by his cousin who is a Montana jeweler that featured beautiful diamonds set in a gold band leading up to a beautiful Montana sapphire. He, then, Facetimed her family asking for their blessing, and of course, they said yes!

After making his arrangements, Pat surprised Katie with a trip back to Northern, CA to visit her family, arranging a weekend on the coast at a beach house with family.

The first night there was THE night; the night of the proposal! Pat took Katie out to dinner at a restaurant overlooking the water and the sunset. As the sun was setting they finished up their meal and wine, which “helped with the nerves,” Pat said. They went for a walk on the beach and somehow, managed to get the beach to themselves and found a bench to sit on. They sat and talked about the things they loved about our relationship as they watched the sunset and listened to the waves and the wind. As the sun almost set, Pat got down on one knee and asked Katie to marry him.

“Without letting him fully finish his question, or even looking down at the ring, ‘yes, yes, yes, yes’ came rushing out. It was a gorgeous moment, just the two of us.” Katie described. They, then, celebrated with friends and family.

So far in the planning process, they have chosen a venue and the date. The plan to get married in the summer of 2019 and they both agree that they want to have a big wedding, celebrating their new journey with friends and family.

Congratulations, Pat and Katie, on your beautiful love story and engagement! Check out the gorgeous images captured by Katy Shay Photo below:

Vendor Collaboration
Jewelry: Keenan Jewelry
Other: Betty’s Divine
Dress Store: Bohme
Location: The Montana Distillery
Photographer: Katy Shay Photo

Submitted via Two Bright Lights