Today we have the lovely surprise proposal of Tito and Chanel, captured by photographer, Elkin Cardona, who happens to be Tito’s brother in law.

“I was the first to find out and he told me to bring the camera along and try not to spill the beans.  My brother in law is a probationary firefighter graduating in two weeks (we’re so proud!) (Circa May 2013) and this was arranged for “family day” at the FDNY academy, a day where the family gets to see their firefighter’s ‘in action’ pretty much — put out fires, save lives, etc.   The idea was for Chanel to play a victim stranded in a building window, while Tito roped down from the roof and rescued her. Little did she know the drill, wasn’t a drill at all and the whole FDNY was in on it –seriously an awesome way to pop the question!”

This was an awesome proposal!  Thanks to Elkin for sharing and capturing such amazing images!! Congrats Tito and Chanel!!

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Happy Planning Coordinated Brides!!