Florida based couple Ja’Kephra & Ranaldo have a love story that began at church.  They dated for nine months before Ranaldo proposed and they are now set to tie the knot. Their engagement shoot featured three different but very coordinated looks.    The first featured the couple in matching jean ensembles – Ja’Kephra had on a jean jumper and hubby to be Ranaldo had on a button down jean shirt and jeans.  Nate Veal captured the couple at a food truck (yummy) sharing pizza and ice cream.  Other images included the couple in matching green jerseys and black bottoms and then in formal black attire. Ja’Kephra & Ranaldo are definitely a coordinated couple and we love it!

From bride to be Ja’Kephra

Ray (Ranaldo) was auditioning to be the lead keyboard player for the band and I was operating as the lead worship leader. We worked closely together for a few months and realized that music, worship and ministry were a passion of both of ours.   Eventually, we decided to get to know one another better. After 9 months of being inseparable, Ray proposed on Miami Beach on Thanksgiving day. It was just the 2 of us at 11pm at night under the stars and crashing waves. Of course, I SAID YES!

Congratulations to the beautiful couple.  We wish them all the best in love and life.

The-Coordinated-Bride-Louisme_Kemp_NateVealPhotography_B78I9596_low The-Coordinated-Bride-Louisme_Kemp_NateVealPhotography_B78I9763_low The-Coordinated-Bride-Louisme_Kemp_NateVealPhotography_B78I0383_low The-Coordinated-Bride-Louisme_Kemp_NateVealPhotography_B78I0617_low The-Coordinated-Bride-Louisme_Kemp_NateVealPhotography_B78I0607_low The-Coordinated-Bride-Louisme_Kemp_NateVealPhotography_B78I0126_low The-Coordinated-Bride-Louisme_Kemp_NateVealPhotography_B78I9929_low

The-Coordinated-Bride-Louisme_Kemp_NateVealPhotography_B78I9448_low The-Coordinated-Bride-Louisme_Kemp_NateVealPhotography_B78I9269_low The-Coordinated-Bride-Louisme_Kemp_NateVealPhotography_B78I9557_low The-Coordinated-Bride-Louisme_Kemp_NateVealPhotography_B78I9125_low The-Coordinated-Bride-Louisme_Kemp_NateVealPhotography_B78I9071_lowThe-Coordinated-Bride-Louisme_Kemp_NateVealPhotography_B78I7131_low The-Coordinated-Bride-Louisme_Kemp_NateVealPhotography_B78I6787_low The-Coordinated-Bride-Louisme_Kemp_NateVealPhotography_B78I6631_low The-Coordinated-Bride-Louisme_Kemp_NateVealPhotography_B78I7150_low The-Coordinated-Bride-Louisme_Kemp_NateVealPhotography_B78I6431_low The-Coordinated-Bride-Louisme_Kemp_NateVealPhotography_B78I7345_low The-Coordinated-Bride-Louisme_Kemp_NateVealPhotography_B78I7419_low

Images by Nate Veal Photography || Submitted via Two Bright Lights || Wedding Planner: Tica Rose Events

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