When David Warfield contacted Svetlana Sauer Photography about wanting shots of him proposing to his girlfriend, Kiana Puahi, she was so excited and helped him come up with a plan to do it without causing suspicion. Being a Hawaii based photographer, it’s pretty common for couples to contact her about doing a session on their vacation. Everyone is extra lovey-dovey on vacation and the scenery is unlike any other on the North Shore!

“I suggested that David have a friend or family member convince his girlfriend to do the same thing and get photos taken while they are in Hawaii. Little did she know, he and I had other plans for the session! I love approaching proposals like this because it gives the girl a chance to get her hair and makeup done, pick out an outfit, and best of all, avoid all the suspicion! Since there is no need for me to hide, it also allows me to get closer shots of the actual proposal and capture all the emotions shared,” Sauer shares.

Almost this entire session was un-posed as Kiana and David were in their own little world after he popped the question. Sauer had the privilege of just sitting back and watching them be in love and think about their future together.

What an awesome way to coordinate a surprise proposal.  We wish the couple the best!


Photographer: Svetlana Sauer Photography//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights