People say time flies when you are having fun and I would wholeheartedly agree! August 01 rapidly approaching, I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed the wedding planning process. I can honestly say I have enjoyed the ups, the downs, and every single thing in between.

With only a few more days left, my fiancé and I are extremely excited and we are just finishing up last minute details. We currently live three hours away from where our wedding will take place so we have to pack up and relocate for the weekend. I must praise my fiancé for packing, driving, and being the superman that he is! This week we worked on finishing our escort cards, dying silk flower petals, placing last minute Amazon orders, and just making sure everything is organized for the wedding. I thought this final week would be more stressful than it is but I am thankful to have a fiancé who has been very active during the planning which has made it that more easy.



Believe me when I tell you I am ecstatic for our big day but it will be almost bittersweet at the same time because the wedding planning will come to an end. I had a great time planning and when you are engaged for a year and a few months, “the wedding” literally becomes your life. You are never not planning even when you tell yourself that you will absolutely not plan today. I love it so much that I actually aspire to become a wedding planner! I believe the experience is what you make it whether you are engaged for a few short months or a few years. My fiancé and I planned our wedding as a team because after all, team work makes the dream work! Every decision, every detail was made mutually. We were determined to have the wedding of our dreams all while making sure we enjoyed the process. As much as we would like to say we completely avoided stress, we most definitely did not! Where there were once 8 bridesmaids then became 6, an uncertainty if one of the best men would even be part of the wedding, and of course the financial aspect. Everything was a breeze until the last three months but we handled each situation and most importantly, we handled it together.

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One thing we both learned is that you learn a lot about people during this process. People who you thought were the most reliable are actually the complete opposite and people who you thought would not be able to fit you into their busy lives are actually there for you at any given hour of the day. Not only is wedding planning fun it can also be a learning experience. You learn about others, you learn more about yourself, and you continue to learn about each other. My fiancé and I did get into a small debate about an insignificant detail of our wedding and we learned how to compromise and speak to each other without becoming a bride or groomzilla. We have been together for five years but we have definitely bonded more during this year process. If I have any advice for all the soon-to-be brides it would be to enjoy this phase of your life. It should be enjoyable and filled with joyful, loving memories. Stress is inevitable but do not overreact to temporary feelings because I promise whatever the issue is will pass. I would advise when it comes to choosing your wedding party, carefully consider the people who stand beside you on one of the momentous days of your life for they should be the same people who will stand beside you in life.

But if I could do it all over again I would without a doubt! I am looking forward to seeing our hard work come to life and seeing our family and friends. I am super ecstatic, we both are, and we are most looking forward to becoming husband and wife!!!! I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with the man of my dreams. Is it August 01 already?!

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The family at The Coordinated Bride wish you all the best in love and life!!