We announced 3 new bridal bloggers yesterday and are very excited to have 3 new Brides that are the epitome of what we call a Certified Coordinated Bride!  These ladies are getting married in October 2015, January 2016 and April 2016, respectfully.  But…we have a little twist.

We were contacted back in March by bride to be Brittani.  Brittani wanted to apply to be a Guest Bride Blogger or Certified Coordinated Bride but the deadline to submit applications had passed so we unfortunately could not accept her.  As fate would have it, Brittani e-mailed us again on the same day we were going to start accepting applications in July.    She wanted to know when she could apply, we told her that the announcement would go out that day.    A little hint for future brides who want to be bloggers – we give preference in the order received.  The sooner you submit your application, the better.    We received Brittani’s application close to the deadline on July 31, 2015.   When we read through her first journal entry we were floored with how amazing she writes.  We read her story like we were sitting across from her at brunch while she was telling us about how she and Robert came to be ONE.  Long story short, we are happy to announce that Brittani is our 4th bridal blogger for the October 2015 – April 2016 period!!!!   She is getting married on October 10 and we are absolutely elated to share her first journal entry.

Sit back with a glass of wine or read it on your way home from work by downloading The Coordinated Bride APP available in the APP store and Google Play.  This is a great read!

Journal Entry #1 – Brittani

Meant To BE

Hi!!! My name is Brittani. I am an ambitious, over-dramatic, passionate, detail oriented, Beyoncé’ loving, perfectionistic bride to BE. Adventures of the Bride to BE has been my theme for my wedding planning journey. The “BE” (which most of my family and friends affectionately call me) is a representation of my first and last name. I am excited to be planning my wedding for October 10, 2015 and even more excited to share my journey with you. I invite you to come along on the journey of the Adventures of the Bride to BE!!!

Before there was “Say Yes to the Dress” and “Four Weddings”, there was “A Wedding Story”. This used to be my favorite show as a little girl and as an adult “Say Yes to the Dress” has become my favorite show. One could say that I always shared the passion for weddings. I love every aspect of weddings…from the planning, to the small intimate details, and finally the grand finale…WEDDING DAY!!! I never realized until now, while planning my own wedding that I have always envisioned this special moment in my life. I was just waiting on the one God kept for me and his name is Robert (known as JR or J-RED to most).

If the love is true and meant to BE, God will tell you through the heart, the mind, and the soul. This is what exactly happened to JR and I. God made YOU…God made ME…. then He whispered “Meant To BE”. This caption is a reality for my groom JR and I. Each day I am constantly reminded of our beautiful love story. We met during the summer of 2004 (I was 14 and he was 16) and were introduced by my aunt and his cousin, who were dating at the time. Through talking on the phone and spending time together, we soon realized that we shared a lot of common interests and had great chemistry. We also bonded over the fact that we have the same birthday (September 14th). How ironic is that?!? Actually, very ironic…. the odds of this occurring are 0.274%!!! Not only do we share the same birthday…we were both born in the same city, at the same hospital, in the morning, both twenty-one minutes after the hour! Apparently, we were destined to be together then, he and I just did not fully understand the multitude of our chemistry. As our genuine feelings for one another evolved over time, we began dating. However, due to distance and life’s changes, JR and I remained friends and kept a special place in each other’s heart.

As time went on, it was clear that timing is everything. JR and I had both just gotten out of relationships. I was content with being single for the time being and focusing on finishing graduate school at Auburn University. Apparently, He had other plans. JR and I periodically kept in touch so when he texted me on a random day, I did not think anything of it. We texted back and forth for a few hours and the next day he called me to continue our conversation. I could tell things were different. He soon shared with me how much he missed me and how he always knew that I was the one for him! I was a little reluctant to entertain this idea at first because of everything we had gone through in our past dealings with one another. However, he proved to me that the heart knows what the heart wants, and our hearts belonged together. After all these years of trying to make it work with other people, it was finally time for us to make it work with one another. When God knew that we were ready for the responsibility of commitment, He revealed me to JR and JR to me.

True love is one of the greatest things that you can ever experience because it will weather any storm. JR brings such peace, happiness, love, and support to my life. JR has a son from a previous relationship. Being able to witness such a beautiful bond between father and son has also added much value to my life. Words cannot describe how much joy these two bring to my life. They are my everything and I would be lost without them! Fate truly brought us back together! Now I can say with the biggest smile on my face that he and I have a love story against the odds… far better than we could have ever dreamed of…true love never fails!!!

What adds even more validation to our love story is location. Upon graduation, I knew that I wanted to reside in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Ironically, enough JR resided in Tuscaloosa…about 45 minutes from Birmingham. I began looking for jobs and made this decision before rekindling my romance with my husband to be. I found my dream job in my dream location and a week after graduation, I moved to Birmingham. He and I often discussed our future together and decided to find a place and move in together.

Since we share the same birthday, this past year JR and I decided to celebrate our 26th birthday and 28th birthday. We decided to have a gathering at our home with family and friends. While waiting on the food to finish, we played music for entertainment. My aunt and cousins thought it would be fun to do karaoke and they performed Single Ladies by Beyoncé. After their performance, JR grabbed me by the hand and said “Let’s show them how it’s done”! After a little hesitation from me, I finally agreed to perform. JR selected a song….a song we consider to be almost the soundtrack of our relationship…Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s On The Run. At the very end of the performance, I felt JR’s energy shift as he repeated one of Jay-Z’s last lines of the verse… if it’s me and you against the world, then so “BE” it… At that point, the lights in the house went out! Being over dramatic, I immediately panicked and was trying to figure out if a fuse had been blown. The lights came back on and JR was standing in front of me wearing a white sport’s coat with a ring box in his hand! Once I saw the ring box, I immediately realized what was going on and began to cry. After nine months of dating, JR gave me the most heartfelt proposal while making me feel like the most special woman in the world. I was so shocked and caught up in the moment that I forgot to even look at the ring until after party guests were inquiring about it! I have to brag on him a little because he did the research and took the time to design an engagement ring just for me. My ring has elements that mean so much to me including an infinity on each side of the halo.

After everything settled, I soon realized that everyone was in on the secret. It is typically difficult to surprise me or let alone kept a secret from me. My body must have been telling me something intuitively because I remember feeling very sick that day. On top of that, we had a busy day planned of traveling to attend my cousin’s birthday party then heading back home to plan for our party. Of course, the thought always crosses your mind about when the proposal would happen because we often talked about marriage. I did not think it would be on our birthday because he just purchased me a car earlier in the week as my birthday present! My illness threw me off and I was not able to recognize what was in store for me later that day. Now that I look back on it, everyone around me was acting weird that day…including him! Everyone was disappearing during the birthday party for “secret meetings” about the proposal. There were so many props and intricate details that went in to make that moment so special for me. JR timed the performance to end at 11:59 p.m. because he wanted to propose at midnight and begin our birthday as an engaged couple! He also knew how much family and having special moments captured are important to me. What I am thankful for the most is that he remembered all of the important elements to help make that night the most memorable one for us to always remember!

With less than 70 days to go until this Feyoncé BEcomes a wife, this wedding planning journey has been nothing shy of amazing. JR and I are getting married on October 10, 2015! We selected this date carefully around SEC football because you cannot have a Fall wedding in the South and not consider football schedules. Most importantly we selected this date because 10 is significant for us in our relationship. He asked me to officially become his girlfriend on the 10th of a month…now our relationship anniversary and wedding anniversary will fall on the same day of the month! Clever, huh?!?

We are in the final stages of wedding planning and preparations. The theme of our wedding is “Romantic Glamour” and will consist of romantic hues of ivory, champagne, and blush. In my family, every occasion whether big or small is a huge celebration and our wedding will not be any different. Our wedding entourage consists of over 85 people and we have created a special wedding hashtag for guests to use on social media…#JREDandBEsayIDO. This wedding will be a huge extravaganza because after all…YOMO: You Only Marry Once!!!. Not only have I had a supportive groom throughout the wedding planning process, I have also had supportive family and friends. My mommy has been there for me with planning and preparations every step of the way.

We wanted our engagement shoot style to reflect our wedding theme as well. Our engagement photos exceeded our expectations and were absolutely breathtaking. Our photos were taken at dusk (Botanical Gardens) and into the duration of the night (Downtown Birmingham). The night engagement shoot really helped to convey our unique love story. Our photographer used our photos to create a J-RED & BE – On The Run inspired Save The Date Video. We have a lot of fun together and this engagement session was no exception! However, just as I described in our love story about defying the odds…it rained the entire time during our engagement session. Although it definitely was not the ideal weather, just like our relationship we can weather any storm! JR is such a gentlemen and so romantic. He makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world! Our love is truly unconditional and will stand the test of time.

So just like the ending line of the theme song of “A Wedding Story, I am ending my first journal entry with the lyrics “love is all there is when I am with you”. These are my sentiments exactly about my fiancé! Stay tuned for more of my wedding planning journey detailing the Adventures of the Bride to BE!!!



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