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Journal Entry #2

I Can’t Keep Calm, I’m the Bride to BE

Since the day my fiancé proposed, I have been overjoyed with pure excitement and have been in complete wedding planning mode!!! Wedding and event planning has always been my niche. I enjoy doing both as a hobby along with my mommy. She and I share the passion for details and planning and I like to call our super duo BE Amazing. I call her mommy because I am the only the child and no matter how old I get, I will always be her little girl. The BE of course represents my name and the Amazing is symbolic of the nickname that I have given my mommy because she truly is one amazing woman!

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We have planned numerous events together such as birthday parties, baby showers, and my personal favorite….WEDDINGS! My mommy brings the creative side to the event planning and I use my industrial and systems engineering background to handle all aspects of logistics. The last wedding that I planned was for my aunt and not only was I the wedding planner and wedding director, but I was also a bridesmaid! I figured if I could handle all of those roles and execute them well, there was no doubt in my mind that I was planning my own wedding with the assistance from mommy. God gives us special gifts and talents and I have realized over the years that this is one of them.  So now that I am the Bride to BE, let the Adventures of the Bride to BE begin!

I am going to take you through my bridal bliss journey from my heartfelt proposal in September to detailing some of the most exciting and eventful moments that have occurred throughout our engagement. The very next day after the proposal I was on cloud infinity and I can honestly say that I am still on that same cloud. I am so grateful and filled with so much joy that to have a companion who loves and accepts me for the person that I am….even through my Bridezilla moments! LOL



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After saying yes to a date, location, and venue, it was now time to ask my girls to “Say Yes to the Maid of Honor or Bridesmaid Dress”! I decided on two Maids of Honor and twelve Bridesmaids, which consists of family, friends, and my lovely sisters-in-love! As I mentioned in my first blog post, this wedding will be a huge extravaganza. I found a cute idea online with a dress invitation. My creative mommy suggested that instead of ordering them online we could make it a DIY project and make it as customizable as I wanted. I wanted the dress invitation to include the wedding colors and also be the same color of the dress that they would be wearing- ivory. We created the dress silhouette and found fabric for the bow that matched our Romantic Glamour theme perfectly. Lastly, we finished the dress invitation design with pearls, since that will be the jewelry of choice for the wedding.


Speaking of how much I love my pearls, I have an interesting twist in my bridesmaid proposal. I am a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated ®. My sorority is very special to me because of our unfailing vision of “Service to All Mankind” and it represents the totality of womanhood. I have been positively impacted by family members including my mommy, aunts, friends, teachers, and community leaders. I wanted to pay tribute to my sorority in the wedding. With that being said, I created the role of “Ivy Girls”. These nine Ivy Girls consist of my closest line sisters, members of my undergraduate chapter, and lifelong friends who are also members of the sorority. For their invitations, we used an image of an ivy leaf with pearls outlining the perimeter of the ivy leaf. Since our sorority colors are salmon pink and apple green, I incorporated the salmon pink in the font. Everyone was ecstatic when they received their proposals and I so glad that everyone said “YES” to their respective dresses!!!


During the month of November, I attended a bridal show with my mommy, her good friend, and her friend’s daughter (who happens to be both my cousin and a bridesmaid in my wedding). I have attended several in the past to support others but this was my first show as a Bride and it was so exciting! We had a great time interacting with vendors and gathering ideas for the wedding. What I enjoyed the most was the fashion show that highlighted the latest fashions in bridal gowns. I immediately planned a date to go dress shopping shortly after and could not contain my excitement. Dress shopping was beyond fun and I brought everyone with me to enjoy in the fun. My mommy, grandma, aunts (total of 5), God mother, close friend to my mommy, and best friend (one of the maids of honors) all went dressing shopping with me. We went to a total of 4 stores and I tried on at least 40-50 dresses! What made the experience so fun was that I got to reenact the “Say Yes to the Dress” show at every bridal store. Everyone picked out dresses that they thought I would like and fit the wedding theme. I would try the dresses on and listen to everyone’s input. Dress shopping was not too difficult because I wanted to wear a specific color and therefore that narrowed down a lot of choices for me. However, after 8 hours of shopping I said, “Yes to the Dress”!! It was actually my choice and I knew it was the one because it made me feel like a bride and I cried as well as my wedding dress shopping entourage after seeing me in the dress.

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I am glad that we decided to go dress shopping when we did because a few weeks later I had a freak incident and broke my ankle and on top of that we were in the beginning stages of building a home. As a determined Bride to BE that still did not keep me from fulfilling my wedding planning duties. Thanks to my supportive hubby to be and mommy, the wedding planning process continued and we always managed to get everything accomplished. I can recall our engagement photo shoot. I literally had just gotten out of my cast a few days before and had to walk in a boot. I was not supposed to be wearing heels at all. So at every scene or location change, my fiancé would move the car to get me as close as possible and carry me to the location where we would have to take pictures. Once we reached the location, he and mommy would help me to put on my heels. I remember a particular photo where my fiancé is carrying me and spinning me around and the entire time I was thinking “PLEASE DO NOT DROP ME”!  These expressions never showed in the photos and thanks to them I did not do any additional damage to my ankle!

Dont Drop Me

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We also survived SEC football season, which is very difficult when you are fans of rival teams. I am a proud Auburn fan (WAR EAGLE) and JR goes for the other team that shall remain nameless (University of Alabama). He and I are definitely what you would consider a house divided with these two rival teams. Although Auburn lost the Iron Bowl game against Alabama and I had to attend the Alabama vs Ohio State Playoff Game in New Orleans (I gave him tickets as a Christmas present), I am happy to have these special and fun moments with my fiancé during this wedding planning process. I tried my hardest to look like an Ohio State fan but the colors from the schools were so similar that I ended up blending in with him!  Sometimes we can get so caught up in the wedding planning that we forget to have fun. These moments are just examples of how we defy the odds and any obstacles that may come our way as a couple. We are truly a team!!! With that in mind, it is important to remember that a family that prays and plays together…stays together!

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Some members of my bridal entourage did not know each other. In effort to get everyone acquainted, I hosted a “Nacho Average Bridal Party Gathering” at our home. It is probably not hard to figure out what was on the menu! I served a nacho bar with beef and chicken with all of the toppings that one could ever imagine while partaking in some adult beverages. The bridal entourage and I had a great time talking about wedding expectations and planning ice breaker games such as a bridal toss game and Taboo. At this point, all venues and the honeymoon have been booked – wedding décor, flowers, photography and cinematography, wedding cakes, hair and make-up, and music have been finalized – and invitations have been mailed!  I am one happy Bride To BE!!!


You only get one soul mate and I am so blessed to have found my mine and I cannot wait to be forever bound in love. With a little over a month left until #JREDandBEsayIDO, stay tuned for more fun and exciting details of my wedding planning journey as the Adventures of the Bride to BE continues!