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Guest Bridal Blogger – Ashley {JE #4}

The journey to becoming Mrs. Dauphin has been one of the best experiences yet!   Normally I wouldn’t coin myself as being lucky, just blessed. Things have always just happened. But giveaways, free things, etc. are things that never happen to me.   I just normally shy away from them….no matter how much I want to enter.  Yet, after attending The Styling Firm’s annual fashion event, Style in the City I briefly met a photographer named Tracy Ann. Her eclectic style and seriousness to get the best shot got my attention. She even asked to share my seat to get a little closer!

The following day I searched Facebook for her page to see my picture from the red carpet and began following her. I then noticed she was hosting a free engagement photo shoot in honor of Valentine’s Day. After talking it over with Bert he convinced me to “give it a shot, it would save us on our budget!” Me being a budget conscious bride, I had to try. I submitted our entry information and WE WON!! We both were so excited! We were awarded the “Fairy Tale Engagement Photo Session” and indeed it was just that.

Preparing for the engagement photoshoot was nerve wrecking. Being that I am a tomboy, I am most comfortable in flats or sneakers, a pair of jeans, and a t-shirt. But I will always have a purse, contoured brows, and a lipstick to match my mood. Yet for the pictures that will be everywhere for the next year I had to come out of my comfort zone. So I thought. Bert and I brainstormed on many themes and wardrobe ideas for weeks. Between the both of us we decided to be comfortable and represent who we really are. Instead of us not staying true to ourselves.

The day of came and Bert was just excited as I was. I had my two outfits out on display in my bedroom for the entire week. Jewelry attached and everything. I even woke up early to get my makeup done and had my hair touched up!

Tracy Ann was so attentive to detail when we spoke via email. I told her our favorite date is either to be on the water or going to get ice cream. She picked the beautiful Bayfront Park, which belongs on a post card to represent South Florida. It was perfect! I was kind of nervous in the beginning, but Bert made me so calm as usual. Once I was able to laugh with him I was at ease. From one pose to the next, Tracy snapped pictures. All we heard was the lights and shutter of her camera. From the water banks we went to grab some ice cream and I was able to use some of the DIY projects I completed specifically for our engagement pictures. The entire experience was beautiful and reminded me that “We are really getting married!!!!”

I rate a photographer on how they study their subjects, surroundings, and getting the “money shot”. Where the subjects aren’t posing, but are just in their element. Tracy Ann did just that.

Some of the pictures couldn’t even be posed by the perfect model! Our love and happiness is so evident in every picture. In every picture I can see my admiration and love for Bert. And the way he looks at me and holds me shows everyone else how he makes me feel daily.

Thank you to our photographer and the glam squad that made me feel like a true Queen!












Tracy Ann Simmonds of Innovative Arts by Tracy Ann (@innovativearts305)  || Makeup Artist , Gerline Jean- Louis, (@touchedbyg) || Hairstylist/Loctician, Alethia Bell of Truly Natural Hair Studio, (@thia_unprecedentedstylist) ||

Thank you for following my journey!!

~ ASH, Soon-to-Be Mrs. Dauphin (@beautynthebeard15)