Mimi & Neil met while attending UGA.  The sweethearts dated for a few years before Neil proposed to Mimi while they were on vacation at the beach in Florida.

From photographer Hellen Oliveira Photography

His proposal idea was so sweet and the ring he picked is gorgeous!! They are a very laid back couple and super sweet! I’ve actually known Neil for a while now because he has been friends with my husband since they were in middle school! So when they got engaged and were looking for a photographer Mimi had already connected with me through FB and loved my work!

Their wedding is set for May 20th, 2017 and will take place at an outdoor venue in Vinings, GA. It will have some vintage/rustic decor and all the southern feels.

We love how the couple incorporated their puppy into the engagement shoot and the emoji balloons tell a lot about their personalities.

All the best to Mimi and Neil!

The Coordinated Bride Morton_Grachek_HellenOliveiraPhotography_IMG3378_low

The Coordinated Bride Morton_Grachek_HellenOliveiraPhotography_IMG3389_low The Coordinated Bride Morton_Grachek_HellenOliveiraPhotography_IMG3384_low The Coordinated Bride Morton_Grachek_HellenOliveiraPhotography_IMG3387_low



The Coordinated Bride Morton_Grachek_HellenOliveiraPhotography_IMG3523_low







The Coordinated Bride Morton_Grachek_HellenOliveiraPhotography_IMG3423_low

The Coordinated Bride Morton_Grachek_HellenOliveiraPhotography_IMG3552_low

The Coordinated Bride Morton_Grachek_HellenOliveiraPhotography_IMG3545_low

The Coordinated Bride Morton_Grachek_HellenOliveiraPhotography_IMG3533_low

The Coordinated Bride Morton_Grachek_HellenOliveiraPhotography_IMG3670_low

The Coordinated Bride Morton_Grachek_HellenOliveiraPhotography_IMG3676_low

The Coordinated Bride Morton_Grachek_Morton_HellenOliveiraPhotography_IMG3687_low

The Coordinated Bride Morton_Grachek_HellenOliveiraPhotography_IMG3591_low

The Coordinated Bride Morton_Grachek_HellenOliveiraPhotography_IMG3565_low

The Coordinated Bride Morton_Grachek_HellenOliveiraPhotography_IMG3608_low

The Coordinated Bride Morton_Grachek_HellenOliveiraPhotography_IMG3617_low.JPG

The Coordinated Bride Morton_Grachek_HellenOliveiraPhotography_IMG3618_low

The Coordinated Bride Morton_Grachek_HellenOliveiraPhotography_IMG3619_low

The Coordinated Bride Morton_Grachek_HellenOliveiraPhotography_IMG3660_low

Vendor Collaboration

Photographer:  Hellen Oliveira Photography // Event Venue: The Goat Farm Arts Center // Submitted via Two Bright Lights