As fate would have it Ninsley and Bino ran into each other at a local Walmart where sparks flew, numbers were exchanged and the rest was history.

With the 150 – 200 person guest list being the only hassle, wedding planning has otherwise seemed to be a breeze for the bride and groom!

What Are You Looking Forward To The Most On The Wedding Day?

Ninsley: “We’re looking forward to seeing our ideas come to life, walking down the aisle to my hubby-to-be and having him watch me walk down the aisle, hearing the sermon my Pastor is going to give as well as dancing the night away… Oh and having my dad give me away (i’ve always dreamt of the day)”

Question For The Groom: Tell Us What You Love About The Bride The Most

“She’s honest with me. I love how she supports me. I love her sense of humor. She makes me laugh. I love her smile. I love that I can be myself with her. I love that she’s a goal-getter and how she brags about me. She keeps me balanced.”

Question For The Bride: Tell Us What You Love About The Groom The Most?

“I love how he’s so loving, caring, family oriented, he’s supportive and ambitious. He’s not lazy and is always coming up with creative ways to surprise me. He defends me and prays for me and shows me everyday that I’m his one and only.”

Check out these amazing images captured by AVD Pics of Ninsley and Bino’s engagement shoot below!

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Vendor Collaboration

Photographer: AVD Pics