Happy Wedding Wednesday!!

If you follow me on Instagram (@thecoordinatedbride) you know that I interact a lot with my followers. I usually follow back brides who are coordinating their wedding while using IG to find inspiration.  This is the reason why my IG page is not named after my event planning company.  The page was created for fellow brides to follow my wedding planning journey and to share any, every and all things wedding.

I opened the @thecoordinated bride account in January after I got engaged on my birthday (12/12/12) and I immediately started following @missnic03, who got engaged 12/11/11.  Three words that I would use to describe her: classy, smart and beautiful. Let’s just say that if you don’t know her, you would want to be her friend after one conversation.  She will be marrying her sailor fiancé in July and I am honored that today I get to share her beautiful engagement shoot and story.

Couple: Nicole Rodriguez & Marcus Pringle | Wedding Date: July 19, 2013 |State: California | Shoot Locations: Griffith Observatory & LACMA Museum in Los Angeles

Photographer: Bryan N. Miller Website:  http://www.bmillerweddings.com/

How We Met (Via Nicole)

Keys Keys Keys!! Who would have ever thought that a person who collected keys as a young child, would meet his future wife at a music venue called “The Key Club” in Hollywood, California whose logo is an antique key-hole. The interesting thing is that neither Marcus nor I had planned on actually attending the event, we both, unknowingly made a last minute decision to attend. It was that very last minute decision that brought us together, and 5 years later, has us getting married on July 19. Ever since that day, antique keys and key holes have played a huge role in our lives, whether we plan it or not, and will be incorporated into many facets of our wedding day!

The Engagement Shoot

For our engagement shoot, our wonderful San Diego, based photographer Bryan N. Miller, recommended the fabulous Griffith Observatory in Hollywood, while we recommended the Lamp Posts at the LACMA Museum in Los Angeles.  We had only once conversed with Bryan over the phone, and even then he left us with an amazing impression, he made it seem like we had been friends for years! I believe that the photographer’s ability to connect with us was portrayed within our photographs, and that is definitely something that engaged couples need to look into. When your wedding is over, you want to have THE BEST pictures possible, to take you back to that moment.

Advice from one coordinated bride to another

Planning this wedding has been a dream!  I would truly recommend to future and current brides-to-be to start planning a year ahead of time ‘at least’. I made sure to start the planning process a little over a year before our wedding date, which I feel has eliminated so many potential stressors, especially since I am currently in the middle of my MBA degree!

Try to remember, that not everything is going to be perfect, and you have to learn to accept that ever since the planning stage.  The final recommendation I would love to give to future brides is, invest in a Wedding Planner, at least a Day-Of Coordinator. I feel so relieved knowing that my family and friends will not have to worry about any last minute things on our special day. I want every one invited to have a fabulous time, and I know that my wedding planner will definitely ensure that!

Enjoy these amazing engagement photos courtesy of Bryan N. Miller.

Thanks Nicole!!

Happy Planning and don’t forget to stop by next Wednesday for our next real IG bride/bride to be feature!