Angelisse and Marcus are all set to wed on August 8, 2014 at the Newton White Mansion. Today we are happy to share their love story and a few images from their engagement shoot that too place at Fort Washington Park, downtown Alexandria, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, and the Martin Luther King Jr. monument.

Our Love Story Via Marcus

“I first spoke to Angel over the phone prior to moving up to Syracuse for graduate school.  My friend, Shaza Idris, gave me Angel’s number because she lived in the area and I needed someone to show me around.  I told Angel that she was going to be my “Social Coordinator” during our first conversation and that I looked forward to moving up there.  We actually met the day that I drove into Syracuse at the local mall.  Since my personal things hadn’t been delivered yet, I had nothing to do so I met Angel at the mall to help her pick out a dress.  Angel was planning a surprise birthday dinner for her boyfriend that she had at the time and clearly she needed my help.  That day we picked out a beautiful dress, which she actually never wore until the day I proposed, and we had a great time hanging out.  I instantly recognized how beautiful she was and over the next couple of months we developed a great friendship.  During the friendship, I knew that Angel was someone that I enjoyed spending time with but I wouldn’t realize how much until we started dating after both of us became single.

The thing I love most about Angel is how much she cares for other people.  Angel celebrated my accomplishments more than I did and I started recognizing that I was working harder just to make her proud of me.  She is also very thoughtful, not only with me but with everyone she knows.  She is a dedicated mentor to a teen in need, a compassionate friend that will lend a helping hand at a moment’s notice, and a devoted sister to her younger brother.

When my friends asked me was I sure that Angel was the one for me, my answer came easily to me.  I have never been this happy with anyone else.  Even when we argue, I don’t want to be anywhere else than with her.  It was clear that she was heaven sent.”

Our Love Story Via Angelisse

“I received a call from my girl Shaza one day letting me know that her best friend was moving to Syracuse. She asked me to look out for him, give him some tips on places to live and show him around. Of course I agreed and told her to pass along my number. When we spoke, Marcus told me that he was in the military and he was moving to Syracuse to complete his MBA. He probably doesn’t know it but while on the phone I decided to Facebook stalk him to see who Shaza stuck me with :-). We talked about potential places to live and I told him to call me once he got in town. A few months later I received a call from him and in true Marcus nature he said “I’m here social coordinator, show me around!” I was actually on my way to the mall to pick out a dress for my (then) boyfriend’s birthday party so I asked Marcus to come and help me shop.  Marcus was down for whatever and proceeded with me to the racks in Lord & Taylor. He picked out a very cute cream satin dress and I picked out a few others. He waited outside the dressing room while I tried on each one and when I put on the cream dress he said “That’s IT!” It was really cute but dressier than what I was going for so I kept trying on more. He asked me to try on the cream dress again and to my surprise when I came out, Marcus had about 10 other random shoppers waiting outside of the dressing room, CLAPPING and NODDING in agreement that this was “The One.” It was so hilarious to me that I had to get it! The funny thing is I never wore it! It was definitely too dressy for the club scene so it just stayed in my closet. Little did I know it was truly a special dress in that I would wear it almost 2years later on the day he proposed…

Marcus and I became fast friends. I realized how amazingly selfless he was when I asked him to do me a BIG favor and help send my mentee to prom. It was so beautiful to see my friends pitching in with her family and I to make her prom dreams come true including hair, nails and my girl Sherice even did her makeup. Marcus provided the icing on the cake by agreeing to chauffer her and her date to the prom in the car he lovingly refers to as Klassy Kenya. He even dressed the part by showing up in a suit, matching hat, and glasses…the works!! This deserving young lady was so happy  that she was beaming and his act of kindness literally brought me to tears. It still does when I think about it.

As fate would have it, both of our relationships ended on the very same weekend (completely unrelated). Eventually we started dating and I discovered so much more about this phenomenal man.  From the very beginning I saw God working through Marcus. From the way he cares for his family and friends, to the lengths that he will go to mentor young people, to the work that he does as an aviator in the United States Coast Guard. He is literally responsible for saving lives and that fact alone is still so remarkable to me. He is my constant motivator, advisor, and friend. He is my solid foundation, my prayer partner, and I love how he protects me; even from myself sometimes with his eternal optimism. He has literally shown me parts of the world that I would have never experienced without him and most importantly, he ensures God is in the center of everything we do.

I still remember the toast he made on our first date; “here’s to the end of a chapter and the beginning of a book.”

I think deep down inside we both knew we were meant for each other.

The Proposal 

In June Marcus forwarded me an email invite to a surprise graduation party that one of his Coast Guard buddies was throwing for his girlfriend. The event was to take place at the Westin, in the National Harbor and since the attire was semi-formal, Marcus asked me to wear “the dress.”

This dress was very special because Marcus actually helped me pick it out 2 years prior on the very first day we met. Surprisingly, I had never worn the dress and thought it was sooooo sweet that he remembered and asked me to wear it.

On July 5, 2013  (before the party) Marcus took me out for a delicious dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse  (Marcus’ favorite restaurant) where he wined and dined me. He got us a great table overlooking planes taking off out of DCA and we toasted to our love and our future as we always do while enjoying each other’s company.

Later on we traveled to the Westin for the party. Once I got inside…

I received the surprise of my life!

All images are by JPix Photography.
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