Emily and Adam met in band camp at Boston College – for real! Band Camp! They both volunteered to play a large wind instrument but there was only room for one. Because Emily is smaller than the piece of brass, Adam won out. Eventually, they decided they loved each other and have been together ever since, leaving Boston to live in Minnesota. Now, they’re coming back to Emily’s home in Maine to get hitched in 2019.

For their engagement session, they wanted to capture Portland’s coastal, but old-time feel. The sweet conscious couple are planning to have a sustainable wedding using as many eco-friendly alternatives as possible. Emily’s ring is Vria and Oro which prides itself on ethically and sustainable created diamonds and in transparent pricing. As a couple, they’ve begun the journey to conscious consumerism and to lessen their impact on the environment.  Their engagement session was shot by Elusive Photography.

//  Photographer: Elusive Photography  //

Submitted via Two Bright Lights