Farah Fevrin and Clifford Abellard are getting married!!  They recently met with Makayla Jade from the Harris Company to capture their engagement shoot at Boston Public Garden in Boston, MA.  We were intrigued by the gondolas in the engagement shoot!!  The couple is set to get married on August 13, 2016.


Farah: Cliff and I met at work. I remember thinking that he was attractive the few times I’ve seen him around at the hospital. But I was always too shy to approach him. We do not work in the same unit thus it would be a bit difficult to start a conversation. In September 2011 Cliff happened to be delivering medications to my floor, we started a conversation; we became friends and went on a few dates. On April 29th, 2012 Cliff asked me to be his girlfriend and the rest is now history.  We have such a great relationship that we both cherish, and I cannot wait to marry my best friend. It is so funny how life is because if someone had told me that I would be marrying the pharmacy guy, I would ask if they were crazy.


Cliff: I began to plan our proposal in early September of 2014. I knew Farah would want a special moment like that to be captured with pictures. After hours of research, I happened to come across Makayla Jade and the Harris Company. The Boston Public Garden was where I decided to propose because it is an iconic destination to the city we live in. It was a very cold early afternoon on November 18, which happened to be Farah’s birthday. I spontaneously asked Farah to take a walk in the park with me and I proposed at a predetermined location, which I previously discussed with Makayla. I will never forget the smile on Farah’s face, I wanted that special moment to be as perfect as it could be and it was! Although I knew Farah would happily say yes, I was very nervous prior to proposing. The best way to describe the proposal is memorable and I am happy to have great pictures to keep that afternoon of November 18 an everlasting memory.

Farah:  Our proposal was magical!!  I would have never thought that Cliff would have done such an amazing job, and so much planning because we are always so busy. While walking through the Boston Public Garden, I never thought I would be getting engaged. He told me that we were walking through the park because the restaurant that we were going to was behind the park. One of our first dates was a walk in a local park so he told me he thought it would be nice to take a romantic walk before we go eat since it was my birthday. My thought was “It is freezing outside.” As we were walking through the park he was telling me how much he loves and how lucky he was to have me in his life, then Cliff got down on one knee and the rest is history.   I am still amazed and on cloud 9. The icing on the cake was that he hired a photographer, which was Makayla Harris from the Harris Company who did a mind-blowing job capturing one of the happiest days of our lives.


Farah: I want our guests to feel like they just walked into heaven when arriving to our wedding venue. Our venue is all white, our wedding colors are: “ Ivory, gold, white, and blush”.


JOY: My fiancé and I we planned our wedding together, we even picked the bridesmaid dresses together, we had a date night or brunch after each appointment.

PITFALL: Trying to please everyone, our guest list was a major headache because we are both too nice and we want to invite everyone to our wedding and in reality it is impossible.

ADVISE FOR FUTURE COORDINATED BRIDES: Remember this day is about you and your fiancé, enjoy the wedding planning process, it is suppose to be fun.

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Images by Makayla Jade from the Harris Company.