What should friends do when they get engaged at the same time?   Have a joint engagement party of course!

From Photographer,  Shelley Marie Photo

Andrea and Jen were best friends and roommates in college.  So, when both girls got engaged around the same time, it was only natural that they would plan a joint engagement party, together. Andrea is an event coordinator at Cinta Events so I knew this party was going to turn out fantastic but I had no idea just how spectacular it would be!

It was held at the private residence of Andrea’s parents. Everything took place in their stunning, newly-renovated backyard.  Landscaping was done, a river-side deck was built, string lights were added, and a fire-pit was constructed just for this event!  Everything from the engagement invites to the signs at their engagement party were covered in beautiful coral & champagne ombre colors and also monogrammed with the two couples’ initials.   The couples even created their own logo to brand their joint engagement party’s details.

A delicious buffet was provided and each dish was hand-made by Andrea’s parents. But the highlight of the party was the mimosa bar.   Andrea and Daniel love making their own mimosas so, when planning their party, a fully stocked mimosa bar was a necessity. Andrea worked her magic to create the prettiest outdoor bar, with all sorts of fresh fruits and juices to make concoctions with, complete with gold-rimmed glasses and floral paper straws.  And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, desserts were brought out: strawberry shortcake & brownie caramel trifles. Both were out-of-this-world delicious! Guests also enjoyed taking photos at the photo booth, playing bean-bag toss on custom heart-shaped boards, and making their own specialty s’mores by the fire pit.  There were so many fun little details all around.  I simply can’t wait until the weddings!

We wish both couple and amazing journey to the altar.  Congrats!

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The Coordinated Bride Friesen_Wandera_ShelleyMariePhoto_andreadanielengagementparty218_low

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Vendor Collaboration

Photographer:  Shelley Marie Photo // Cake Designer: Bales Thriftway // Event Designer: Cinta Events // Design and Decor: Danner & Soli // Equipment Rentals: Special Occasions Parties & Events // Submitted via Two Bright Lights