Thamara and Well have a relationship that is filled with love and fun.  Their love story is one for the books!  It’s one you watch in love movies!  They met while Well was a member of a band; he played the drums and Thamara was the band’s manager.  Although they lived in different cities at the time, they both called Brazil their home country & remained close friends for a couple years.  Thamara was madly in love with Well but he wasn’t ready for a serious commitment at the time, so they remained friends & saw each other a few times during those years.

The attraction was undeniable and they began dating.  Soon after Thamara moved to the USA but they were determined and committed to making a long-term long distance relationship work.  The pair kept flying from here to there and there to here (aww!) every few months to see each other. Fast forward…..Well has permanently moved to the US to be with Thamara and they plan on getting married next year!  YAY for happy endings!!

Special thanks to photographer  Hellen Oliveira Photography for sharing Thamar and Well’s love story and their passionate engagement shoot images!

Photographer:  Hellen Oliveira Photography // Other Location: Arabia Mountain, Georgia //  Submitted via Two Bright Lights