Allegra moved to Atlanta, GA in the summer of 2011 to attend business school at Clark Atlanta University, but without knowing it, that was where she eventually met her future husband Jerel! They hit it off immediately at an MBA bowling mixer event and became fast friends! The two became the best of friends—studying together, hanging out at parties, and trading stories about each other’s dating woes. To Allegra, they were simply good homies, (although rumors at school said Jerel had a “thing” for her)!

One evening, per usual, Jerel and Allegra went to a happy hour event. They were chatting with a group of friends and he randomly kissed her out of the blue and walked away! That’s when things changed for the two.  Jerel started asking Allegra on dates (alone from the group) and from there she knew they were no longer at “homie status.”

Fast forward a bit and Jerel knew it was time to propose! They found a great deal on flights to Greece. They decided to go, with Allegra not knowing that Jerel had put his proposal plan into motion a few weeks before the trip! He found a photographer in Santorini, Greece and explained to him that he wanted to schedule a photo shoot for Allegra and himself; but at the end of it he wanted to propose! He laid out a plan for locations to make the photo shoot look as nice as possible. On the day of the photo shoot, it seemed like nothing was going the way they planned . Allegra’s hairdresser cancelled on her last minute before they left for Greece, so she was in a panic about her hair! She also wanted a different color for her dress! But Jerel knew it was his job to keep her calm, tell her she looked beautiful, and make it to the photo shoot. The photo shoot consisted of different areas of the city and the last scene was designed to catch Allegra and Jerel taking in the sunset on the cliff side of the island. On the last shot, the photographer told Allegra to turn around, face the sunset for a solo shot. When she turned around, 
Jerel was on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage!

Check out the beautiful images from their engagement session with Love In Motion below!

Vendor Collaboration
Photographer: Love In Motion
Hair: Salon Le’La