Karen and Neil first met in North Carolina while they served active duty in the Marine Corps.  The hardships of being active duty military takes a toll on a person, both good and bad. It drains you physically and mentally but Karen and Neil have managed to build a friendship that they knew will last through all of the obstacles of life.  When asked to describe their relationship, Karen says, “We definitely push each other to the limit even when the other doesn’t want to be. We love to laugh together and definitely value alone time together. We have different interests/hobbies that make for interesting times! But, we love food! And, we love God!”

The Proposal

Neil proposed in North Carolina at his old house out in the patio on August 10, 2016.   It was home. It was where I would come visit, away from the Marine Corps, and spend time with my best friend. I had no idea it was going to happen since I had come up to NC to visit and was also mad at Neil for disappearing all day. We had never even looked at engagement rings together so it was amazing!

The coordinated couple tied the knot on December 9th, 2017 in Roswell, GA in a travel, Christmas themed wedding.

Congratulations to the couple.  Their Arizona engagement shoot captured by Philip Casey Photography at Papago Park is below!

Vendor Collaboration

Photographer:  Philip Casey Photography // Other Location: Papago Park //  Submitted via Two Bright Lights