Brittany and Joel’s love story started at High Point University in North Carolina. Joel was having a back-to-school/birthday party and introduced himself to Brittany. She said she didn’t pay him much attention, but he kept popping up wherever she was. They started hanging out and the rest was history.

When it came time for Joel to propose, he pulled out all the stops!  Brittany and her family took a cruise to Mexico, Jamaica and Grand Cayman to celebrate his parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. During the formal dinner night on the ship, they were having dinner and Joel said to her dad, “Mr. Harris, did I ever tell you how Brittany and I met?” to which her dad replied “No, how did you guys meet.” – This is where it got interesting!

From The Bride:
“I snapped my neck at him and thought  “Holy crap, don’t tell him we met at a party!” Then I remember my brother standing up with his phone, I’m barely listening to Joel at this point because I’m posing for the camera (duck lips and what not) and then I realize my brother is taking a video. It was in that moment as I listened to bits and pieces of Joel going through our relationship that I put my hand over my heart and thought “Holy crap, I can’t breathe and this is HAPPENING.” Then I look to my right and Joel is getting out of his chair and on one knee. I freaking lost it and couldn’t help but cry and nod my head in agreement to being his wife. Then of course after the hug and kiss, I take a good look at the ring and say “It’s so beautiful!”

Now the couple are in full blown wedding planning mode! Starting with their engagement session, they chose High Point University as the lcoation of the shoot, because that’s where the fell in love. What’s better than that?

Check out the gorgeous captures of this soon to be wedded couple by In His Image Photography below:


Vendor Collaboration
Photographer:  In His Image Photography
Other Location:High Point University
Submitted via Two Bright Lights