McKenna and Jake met their Freshman year at Auburn, McKenna took up blogging and posted her first blog on social media where Jake was one of the first readers to reach out. At the time McKenna was going through a difficult time where Jake told her that she wasn’t alone in what she was going through and proceeded to tell her that he would be praying for her and if she wrote anymore blogs, to send them to him and he would love to read them. Fast forward a few months the two decided to meet up to go hiking over Christmas break. McKenna and Jake were both athletic and it seemed like the perfect “first date” idea. They spent the day sharing testimonies and laughs and before they knew it, they had been hiking for hours. They spent their second date hiking as well and then for the third date they spent it with dinner and stargazing at a nearby park.

When we asked McKenna what made her know Jake was the “one” she responded with:
“When I was a little girl, my dad would take me on daddy daughter dates. We would always go out to eat and then he would take me to go buy a book (I’m a bookworm). When Jake and I went out for our first dinner date, he took me to a bookstore afterward and said he wanted to make it a tradition (all while not knowing my dad used to do that). It was precious and I knew that I found a guy who would treat me as well as my dad does!”

For the proposal, Jake decided to give McKenna a photo shoot as a birthday present. She had been begging for pictures of the two and he decided to take advantage of it. He called a friend who took their pictures before and told her the plan. On the day of the proposal the two arrived at the park and started taking pictures as they walked around the park.

McKenna: “We started walking over to the gazebo and there was a random speaker sitting on the ground. I looked at it and said ‘Did somebody just leave their speaker?’ oblivious to the fact that it was playing our song. I saw the rose petals and immediately knew. He walked me up to the gazebo and took my hand. I don’t remember exactly what he said, but he was shaking and it was adorable. He pulled out the ring upside down and we both laughed. He asked me to marry him and I didn’t even say yes! I nodded my head and pulled him into a hug. People started coming out of the bushes, from benches, and other hidden areas. There were 3 photographers and his sister had been there to make sure things had gone smoothly. It was precious. We later found out that my parents got engaged under a gazebo and they have been married 25 years, so it made our proposal all the more special.”

The happy couple is now set to wed, check out their beautiful engagement shoot photos below!

Vendor Collaboration
Photographer: Daniel Jackson Studios//

Submitted via Two Bright Lights