Hi Coordinated Brides!! My name is Chandra and my husband to be is Anthony!  Anthony and I got engaged in March and are getting married in August of 2017.   We plan to have a traditional Hindu ceremony on August 12 in Monroe, NJ and then a traditional Christian ceremony on August 26 in Georgetown, Guyana.   I was recently selected to be a Guest Bride Blogger for The Coordinated Bride and I am excited to share our journey with everyone.  My first journal entry won’t go live until next year but I wanted to share our Hindu Engagement Ceremony with you.

We decided to have a Hindu Engagement Ceremony on August 27, 2016 at my home in Bloomfield, NJ to formally announce our upcoming marriage and the planning for our big event and felt that an engagement ceremony coordinated the two perfectly.  It was very intimate and nothing extravagant since we are saving all of the belles and whistles for the wedding!

Check out some images captured from our special day below.

Until next time….XOXO, Chandra.

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Vendor Collaboration

Photographer: Dreamline Productions