Meredith & Karl’s love journey started 8 years ago when they met in college at Northwestern University through mutual friends. It never really occurred to Karl to date Meredith because he thought she was off limits as a fraternity brother’s little sister.   During her sophomore year, Meredith was out one night with one of their mutual friends, talking about the ups and downs of the dating scene. They decided that the best course of action would be to determine who the nicest, most straight forward guy she knew was and to see if she could get him to date her! The first person who popped into her head was Karl, because he always explained drinking games to those who came over to the fraternity house before they started playing them, and he would always ask everyone if they needed water when he went downstairs to get some for himself.  Little did they know something special was brewing.

The Sopranos was very big at that time and Meredith was a huge fan. Well, Karl owned the complete sixth season.  It was the most fitting scenario for these two to finally share their interest.  Their first date was at a sushi restaurant called Kansaku where they enjoyed each other’s company and the rest was history!

Karl proposed in July of 2014 at the Grand Del Mar in San Diego. He took her to a beautiful dinner on the outside patio then led her up a staircase to a private terrace where he had champagne and roses waiting for her.  It was the perfect proposal. Afterwards, they enjoyed champagne while listening to a live performer sing and play the piano in the lobby. It was their own private weekend celebration, and it was perfect.

They moved to CT to start their married lives closer to Karl’s family and the headquarters of his job. They’re very excited to continue their journey together as husband and wife!!! (And hopefully retire together back in San Diego one day.

Meredith and Karl’s engagement session had a taste of inspiration from the HBO series, Game of Thrones.  Their choice of attire, the colors, to the location setting provided the backdrop for the medieval, vintage and old European look that they love.  They got married at The Chanler in Newport, RI the end of August 2015.

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Vendor  Acknowledgement

Photographer:  TimeFrozen Photography // Location: Gillette Castle // Event Planner: Event Connoisseur // Dress Designer: Nigel Ramsay Designs // Reception Venue: Saint Clements Castle // Makeup Artist: Simply Gorgeous by Erin Infantino // Hair Stylist: Simply Gorgeous by Erin Infantino //
Submitted via Two Bright Lights