When it comes to wedding planning, the most reoccurring thought almost always is, “is this in my budget?”. But the real question is, what are you willing to splurge on? We asked our bride sisters this very question, when it comes to your wedding dress and wedding photography, which are you willing to go over budget for?

The dress is something every girl dreams of and is one of the most anticipated parts of any wedding. The photography captures all the details of the day that will last forever. The importance of these two aspects differ from bride to bride, depending on her preference.

Bride sister @beautifuldesigns4u put things into perspective when she said “Photographer. The photographer will create memories for a lifetime in your beautiful gown.” This seems like the perfect way to look at things! It’s also important to remember that the dress is something you will most likely wear once, whereas your photographs last a lifetime.

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@mrs_aph added “Photography! I was not happy with my pictures at all, unoriginal.” Think of it this way, if you get an amazing photographer, any picture taken will look like masterpiece, without you breaking the bank. There’s a huge difference between a good photographer and a great photographer. You will always see the difference in their work.

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Another bride sister sided with the girls who spent years thinking about their dream dress. Bride sister @kauijanay stated “I already broke the bank for my wedding dress. When you find the dress that was made for you, it’s no question you just have to have it!!!”

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I’m sure many will agree with this sentiment as well. When you put on that gown that hugs every curve in the right place, how can you say no?! We’ve all seen shows where brides have gone over budget for their dress after seeing how amazing they look in it, but for a once in a lifetime event, you need a once in a lifetime outfit, right?

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Bride sister @segitush brought everyone back to reality by saying “Neither!!!!! We are sticking to the budget.”

Now that’s the kind of girl we all need around us when wedding planning!!!