I had the most amazing 17 months planning my wedding. I cannot believe it’s a few days away. To my future brides…it’s your day! It’s your wedding and you should do what you want, but anyone who’s planned or knows it’s never as simple as that. If your loved ones have supported your relationship, then you owe it to them to make them feel appreciated. If you get unsolicited advice, which you will get, (everyone will want to put their two sense in) at least hear them out and say, “I’ll consider it, thanks.”

Advice for Future Coordinated Brides

You will want every single detail to be perfect, unique, meaningful and from the heart. With so many choices we often get lost on what we want. Whenever I was stuck in that situation, I asked myself if the idea I’m entertaining makes sense in relation to my venue, dress, and the feeling that I want guests to leave with at the end of my wedding.

Always do your research before saying yes to any vendors. With so much competition for the same service you can land yourself a lot more than you bargain for. You shouldn’t pick the first vendor, gown, or other item that you find. Do your research and become knowledgeable about prices and services in your area that you don’t end up regretting hiring a vendor. Lastly, set a budget and stick to it. Do not budge for anyone!

Overall, I had a great experience planning my “perfect wedding”. I am looking forward to the day to celebrate with all our loved ones. I know it will be a day to remember. All of our hard work and late nights will be well worth it. I have to give big thanks to our parents and siblings. They really pulled through for us and supported us.

A few last minute things we’ve been dealing with are our music playlist. We have a few songs that mean a lot to us, so I wanted to ensure the DJ had them on his list. You will be so busy on your wedding day, make sure you assign a point of contact. Give them all of your vendors names, phones numbers, etc., so this way if something goes wrong they are aware and can handle it. I literally just finished preparing our tip envelopes. You do not want to be running around the day of your wedding getting this together. Pre-designate envelops with the tip and hand them off to your wedding planner or relative who will hand them out.

I am looking forward to seeing my fiancé’s face when he first sees me in my wedding outfit.  Also, looking forward to seeing all of our friends and family. I am looking forward to EVERYTHING!!! I want to see how it all comes together.