Certified Coordinated Bride Jamisha

Journal Entry #3

It’s My Time To Shine

Hey Loves! It’s been awhile and we have so much to catch up on. Only 13 days left until I become one with the love of my life. How exciting is that?? As I sit and look back on the past few weeks, I become so overjoyed. My loved ones showered me with so much love, wisdom, and care to the point I felt undeserving. I then had to realize that I am so blessed, and that I Deserve it All. I’ll never dull my sparkle, my time is Now!

I’m sure that coming down with a bad case of indecisiveness is normal for the Bride to Be, Right?  I had it BAD! From what to wear to what type of shoes and hair, I changed my outfit 10 times but thankfully I have some awesome bride sisters that helped me cure that quick! One less thing for me to worry about. When it came to my bridal shower and bachelorette weekend I wanted everything to be a surprise (No Micromanaging from me). I wanted to fully enjoy being the center of attention. And when it came to my bridal shower my Mom and the awesome event planner Jasmine of Posh Luxury Events LLC, made sure I was just that – surprised, the center of attention, overwhelmed and filled with so much love.

The theme was a Kate Spade tea party filled with pastries, mimosas, finger foods and of course my fave shrimp cocktail. It was Amazing, Everyone followed suit and wore big hats and pretty dresses. They really showed out for me! It was such a good feeling and sort of overwhelming to take it all in at once. We played games, and everyone shared words of wisdom. I really had a wonderful time. THANKS MOM!!

The Coordinated Bride Jamisha Bridal Shower IMG_9217

The Coordinated Bride Jamisa Bridal Shower Screenshot_2016-04-24-14-55-28-1

The Coordinated Bride Jamisa Bridal Shower Screenshot_2016-04-24-14-55-32-1

The Coordinated Bride Jamisa Bridal Shower 2016-04-24-14-55-23-1


The Coordinated Bride Jamisa Bridal Shower IMG_9213

Misha’s Last Ride Before She’s A Bride Las Vegas 2016

Lets just say that My Bachelorette weekend in Vegas was good to me. My Bridesmaids made me proud. Although all couldn’t make it,  we partied and laughed enough for all of us. From Trey Songz concert at Drai’s, pool parties, to karaoke at Madame Tussauds wax museum. Team no sleep was in full effect.The Coordinated Bride Jamisa Bachelorette_2016-05-13-16-38-56

The-Coordinated-Bride-Jamisa-Bachelorette-20160515_101247-1024x708222The Coordinated Bride Jamisa Bachelorette 20160514_164611 The Coordinated Bride Jamisa Bachelorette -3370036782106008199 The Coordinated Bride Jamisha Bachelorette 20160513_111150

The Coordinated Bride Jamisha Bachelorette 20160515_100934_001

Did I Mention my Superman Upgraded my engagement ring? That Man loves him some me!

The Coordinated Bride Jamisha Bachelorette 20160515_150740

Thanks Ladies!!

Wow, my time is coming to an end and I can’t say that i’m sad about it. I’m actually happy! One step closer to meeting my Superman at the altar and starting another journey. Stay Tuned Mrs. Orr is near.